Fact: We Make Higher Education A Successful Investment.

With tuition prices continuing to increase at colleges around the country, Rasmussen College is taking a stand. We lowered tuition cost up to 24%.*

Our focus has always been and will remain on making every student’s higher education experience a successful investment.

At Rasmussen College, we help every student achieve the success they want—both in their courses and in their careers—and now we’re making that success an even better investment for our students.

Learn more about how we reduced tuition, the extensive student support services we offer, and the career outcomes our students have achieved using their Rasmussen College degree.

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Support from your First Phone Call to Starting Your Career: Part Five - Career Services Advisor & Alumni Association
For many students, starting or advancing a career is the primary reason to attend college. But finding that first job can become a difficult challenge. At Rasmussen College, students and alumni have access to individualized career services and a career services advisor who will help them prepare for a successful career.

First Generation College Students: Making that Life-Changing Decision to Go to School
When considering your future, it may seem daunting. Whether you're deciding on a career path, a place to live or whether to go to college, all of these decisions take careful thought and consideration. Know that you're not alone.

I Need a Loan - Where Do I Start?
Are you ready to go back to school but nervous because the bank account is low? If so, we have good news for you. The U.S. Department of Education has a loan program available to help you afford college.

How to Start Paying off Your Student Loans Now
When it comes to federal student loan debt, it is in the student's best interest to make monthly student loan payments while enrolled in school. The benefit of paying while in school is to reduce the student's financial burden of monthly student loan payments, as well as the overall amount repaid over the term of the loans.

The Computer is the New Classroom: 6 Advantages of an Online Education
Almost everyone has heard of online classes, and most people probably know someone who is currently enrolled in a course or two. Online courses are truly the latest thing to think about, and are becoming the "new classroom." We disclose to you the many benefits to earning an online degree.

Support from your First Phone Call to Starting Your Career: Part Four - Librarian and Academic Tutor
The days of index cards, encyclopedias and rows of books are long gone. So is the librarian who patrols her library and scolds those talking too loud. From research techniques to citation preferences, the librarians at Rasmussen College possess a wealth of knowledge to help improve a student's academic experience.

College Investment: Going Beyond the Degree
There's a lot more to a college education than financial aid, studying and taking classes. In fact, students and college graduates these days are noticing significant positive impacts in their lives from earning their degrees. Read on to discover how attending college can be beneficial for you.

Support from your First Phone Call to Starting your Career: Part Three - Student Advisor & Technical Support Specialist
College is challenging, especially the very first quarter. At Rasmussen College, the staff knows each student is a unique individual with a very different set of course requirements and goals. That's where a Student Advisor comes in - to help students manage all their obligations.

Support from your First Phone Call to Starting your Career: Part Two - Program Manager & Student Financial Services Advisor
They're often the first voice you hear and sometimes the last. At Rasmussen College, program managers are with a student from enrollment to graduation, and they often become a good friend.

Support from your First Phone Call to Starting your Career: Part One - SUPPORT+
It's one of the biggest decisions you'll ever make - and for many students, it's a decision they've faced before. Should I go to college? For some, the process can be overwhelming. To make the process easier it's important to look for a college that has strong student support services; a vital part of academic success.

Backpack Evolution: How Technology Has Changed Modern Essentials
Though basic academic subjects like calculus or English may have not changed much in the past two decades, technology is a different story.



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