Fact: Our Education Experience Helps Students in Their Careers.

Fact: Our SUPPORT+ Services
Help Students Succeed.

SUPPORT+, our network of student support services, helps ensure every Rasmussen College student achieves the academic and career success they want. From the minute our students step onto a campus or log in online, they are offered SUPPORT+ services—from course scheduling and financial aid application assistance, to academic tutoring and career advising.

Fact: Our Classroom Experience
Replicates the Real World.

Our students are motivated and determined to learn the practical and relevant skills they need for career success. To help them gain those skills, we provide a classroom experience unlike many other colleges.

In small classes with industry-experienced faculty who have a first-hand understanding of the strategies, tactics, and everyday demands of their field, students receive hands-on learning and gain advanced and relevant career skills and insight. Our students also take part in real-world, program-relevant experiences:

  • Internships/externships at healthcare facilities
  • Field training exercises and ride-alongs with criminal justice agencies
  • Digital design projects for corporate partners
  • Externships at early childhood education facilities
  • Internships with business partners and other corporate employers
  • Nursing clinicals with a variety of healthcare facilities
  • IT and computer-related internships with corporate partners

Through our focus on preparing students for career success, Rasmussen College students develop the skills they use in their careers so they can achieve the career success they want.

Fact: Technology Enhances Our Student
Learning Experience.

To make our programs available to students across the country—and in a format that helps students more closely connect with their faculty and fellow students—we implemented several new technologically advanced learning platforms:

  • Student portal/intranet that allows students to connect with faculty, staff, and students
  • Live online lectures that allow students to interact with faculty and students
  • Video chat with faculty
  • Webinars that can be accessed at any time from anywhere
  • Synchronous class sessions that connect students and faculty around the country
  • Ebooks that eliminate the need for traditional textbooks
  • Dedicated private Facebook community

These technology enhancements give students the ability to learn from anywhere, at any time, while still connecting with their faculty and fellow students.

Fact: Our Students Earn Credentials on Their Path to Graduation.

At Rasmussen College, our student-centered approach to education continues with our Credential Ladder—where we acknowledge each credential our students earn at the time they earn them. Students can use those credentials to help advance their careers while they continue to work toward their final academic goal.

To keep students on a direct path to their credentials, we develop a My Degree Plan for each student. My Degree Plan streamlines each student’s path to graduation, giving him or her a roadmap of the courses they need when they need them.



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