Help Your High School Graduate Choose the College That is Right for Them

Your high school graduate is embarking on a new chapter in their life, and Rasmussen College can help them achieve their goals. We offer degree programs tailored to help students start in-demand careers, as well as exceptional student support services, including tutoring and career services, and the confidence that your son or daughter is earning a degree from a well-respected college.

For more information about Rasmussen College, please contact one of our program managers at 888-5-RASMUSSEN.

We are excited to answer your questions and help get your high school graduate start achieving their education and career goals.

Dear Parents,

Now, more than ever, I am sure you realize the importance of earning a college degree.  Choosing the college that will best help your son or daughter achieve their degree is also important.  Whether they are looking for a personalized experience, strong ties to community, a degree program that will challenge them, or just want to attend a respected college close to home, Rasmussen College can give them what they need.

For 110 years, students have been investing in Rasmussen College to achieve their academic and career goals, and Rasmussen College has been equally invested in our students’ success.

We look forward to speaking with you, further exploring the benefits of Rasmussen College, and helping your high school graduate become a college graduate.


Kristi Waite, President

Rasmussen College

Rasmussen College is a private, regionally accredited college that offers Bachelor’s and Associate’s degrees, delivering an exceptional educational experience focused on helping our students start rewarding careers.

We are also regarded as a leader in online education, providing our students with degree programs that are convenient and innovative, yet just as comprehensive as an on campus degree program.

Our students receive exceptional technical and academic support, career services, and financial aid assistance—support services that are not typically found at other colleges and universities.