30 Questions to Ask a College Program Manager

When visiting with a college representative, ask plenty of questions to ensure you choose the college that best matches your needs.

Ask Questions About Academics

  1. What majors or programs do you offer?
  2. What is the average length of your programs?
  3. What percent of your students graduate?
  4. Do you have internship programs?
  5. Will I have an advisor to help me with scheduling questions?
  6. How difficult is it to get the class schedule I need?
  7. Do you offer tutoring services if I need them?

Ask Questions About Admissions

  8. When is your enrollment deadline?
  9. What standards do you use for acceptance?
  10. Do I need to take an entrance exam?
  11. When can I take a look at the campus?

Ask Questions About Financial Aid

  12. What type of financial aid is available to me?
  13. How do I apply?
  14. Do you have a financial aid application deadline?
  15. Are there scholarships available through the college?
  16. What is the total cost of my program including books, fees, and tuition?

Ask Questions About Student Life

  17. What kind of support will I receive?
  18. How many students are enrolled at your college?
  19. What is the average class size?
  20. How big is the largest class?
  21. Do you have student organizations and activities?

Ask Questions About Technology

  22. What type of technology courses are offered at your college?
  23. What equipment and software do you currently use?
  24. Does each student have access to a computer during class time?
  25. Does your college have a student Intranet?
  26. Will I have an email account and access to the Internet?

Ask Questions About Career Services

  27. What type of career services do you offer?
  28. Will you help me find a part-time job while I attend school?
  29. What is your placement rate?
  30. What types of jobs are your graduates getting?