Accounting Degree Courses To Expect

As part of the "What Should I Do With My Life" video blog series, Kari Grittner, the Accounting Program Coordinator at Rasmussen College in Eagan helps us uncover accounting career information in this informative video. Kari shares her thoughts on Accounting degree courses to expect. Whether you are choosing to pursue a degree at Rasmussen College, or elsewhere, this video serves as a great roadmap for what to expect as you pursue your education in accounting.


ALLIE: Hi, I'm Allie Gray Freeland, and I am the host of the Rasmussen College video block series "What Should I Do With My Life?" I'm here today with Kari Grittner, who is the accounting program coordinator at the Eagan College campus at Rasmussen College. She's here today to talk with us about degree information as an accountant and, in addition to that, just what you can expect with a career in accounting.

KARI: In accounting you'll start with foundational courses from the basic level through intermediate. And they really lay the groundwork for accounting. And then as you progress through that second year, you move into the more upper-level, more specialized accounting courses, like auditing and income tax, international accounting, things like that.

KARI: Some other courses that are really important to accountants are Excel. And so to start with that basic Excel class and then move into more advanced accounting-specific Excel skills is really important because Excel, today, is really the tool of choice for accountants.

ALLIE: Thank you so much, Kari, for speaking with us today about accounting degrees and career paths. For more information about the accounting degree program at Rasmussen College, please visit Thanks.