Business Management Degree Courses to Expect

At the foundation of any business program is the Business Management degree. But what does a strong business management degree program contain? We sat down with Jeri Retzlaff, the Business Program Coordinator at the Rasmussen College campus in Mankato, Minnesota to discuss the broad range of courses that students will be taking, and how they all tie together within a well-rounded business management degree program.


Hi. My name is Allie Gray Freeland, and I'm the host of the Rasmussen College video blog series, What Should I Do With My Life. I'm here today with Jeri Retzlaff, who is the Business Program Coordinator for the Mankato, Minnesota campus at Rasmussen College. So she's here today to share with us some important information about business management degrees, activities that you really can get involved with as a business management student, and then also business management careers.

The business management degree has a very wide range of courses, as well as both broad and deep. You start out with a broad mix of classes, including topics such as human resources, marketing, accounting, finance, as well as some business ethics and business law courses to tie it all together.

Then you go in a little deeper as you do advanced management classes in specific areas, such as operations management, risk management, organizational behavior, and organizational development. It's a very well-rounded program that really focuses on strong critical thinking.

Thank you so much, Jeri, for speaking with us today about the Business Management Degree at Rasmussen College. For more information about Business Management and the degree opportunities as Rasmussen College, please visit