Careers With A Marketing Degree

"What should I do with my life?" This is a question asked by many... Need not fear, we have a video blog series that will help answer this crucial question.

We recently sat down with Soma Jurgensen, the School of Business Chair at the Brooklyn Park, MN college campus to discuss marketing careers a graduate with a Marketing degree could pursue. Soma, who is also a former corporate marketer from the Twin Cities, shares awesome information about marketing careers and the career options you have as Marketing program graduate.


Hi. I'm Allie Gray Freeland and I'm the host of the Rasmussen College video blog series, What Should I Do With My Life? I'm here today with Soma Jurgenson, who is the chair of the school of business at Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, college campus at Rasmussen College. She's here today to share some really important information about marketing degrees, marketing internships, and really careers and the career pathing opportunities in marketing.

There are a number of marketing careers a graduate could pursue. The first impulse is for people to think that marketing careers are all about advertising and it's all about that creative spirit, when there's actually a lot of fabulous nuances to what marketing involves. So yes, advertising is one of them. If you're in marketing, advertising is a component of marketing.

But if you look at what marketing truly means, and that's understanding the consumer and then delivering and offering so that has value to the consumer and they want to exchange their money, their time, their resources for it. There's a lot of things that go into it.

First, of getting that consumer to know that you have that offering is important. Where advertising comes in, the creating of advertising. Then there's promotion, so PR and working directly with vendors for sales. Those big displays you see a grocery stores through the sales division, that's a strategy set by marketing. But there's are other areas of marketing as well.

One is for a marketing analyst, which is a heavily analytical area. In order to understand what the consumer wants, you need to aggregate data. So you need to ask consumers, you need to see what they're doing, how they're doing it, and then come with those numbers in some kind of cohesive picture.

So you take all these numbers and you need to see a person. How does this person behave? What they want? What do you do with them? And that is an important component of marketing as well.

Another area that's often overlooked is the idea of the channel or supply chain. The price that's set for any offering is critical. A consumer wants a good value and they're willing to pay for it. But in order to get there, you need to be as efficient as possible.

So how long are you keeping goods and services in a warehouse? Services you obviously wouldn't hold. But how much are you tying up in terms of resources? How are you getting that efficiently to the consumer? So if you're selling over the internet, for example, you don't necessarily, if you're selling at home, you don't want your garage full of inventory. But you want to be able to give the consumer what they want when they need it.

Supply chain helps you figure out how that works. So if you're a very logistical person, you love puzzles and how things fit together and how to make them efficient, there's a place for you in marketing as well. Now all of that is fabulous, but it's all so very general. Every single business, every single organization, needs marketing. So one of the most probably well known, you'll know places like General Mills and Target.

Those are very well-known brands across the country. And yes you understand how marketing works there, but what about the Humane Society? The Animal Humane Society also marketing. They need people who have pets and need to give them up for adoption to know that they're there. They need people who want to adopt pets to know that they're there. They need to make sure that their very precious inventory is well taken care of.

So how do you fit in to the industry that you're most interested in? Where is your passion? Public organizations like the Post Office has re-branded several times, particularly as the environment changes and so much more is done over the internet. What is the United States Postal Service going to do with their marketing to make sure that they're meeting the needs of their consumers?

So whether you're interested in health care, whether you're interested in retail, whether you're interested in accounting, whether you're interested in criminal justice. Security companies also need to have marketing. There's a place to figure out what the consumer's needs are for your industry and find your niche to meet them. You can do that through traditional channels like I was talking about, but more and more companies are turning to where their consumers are, and that's the internet.

How do you use social media? How do you make sure consumers find you on the internet so that you can provide your offerings, your goods and your services to them and with a value?

Wow. Listening to Soma really makes me want to pursue a degree in marketing. So for more information about marketing degrees, marketing careers, and more, please feel free to reference for more information. Enjoy.

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