Event Recap: Online Word of Mouth in Bismarck, ND

Online marketing is a hot topic in Bismarck. Just ask the thirty business men and women who attended the workshop “Online Word of Mouth” hosted by the Rasmussen College Bismarck, North Dakota campus. The presentation was hosted on Tuesday, July 20, 2012 and contained both philosophical and practical advice from speaker Josh Braaten, Senior Online Marketing Manager for Rasmussen College. He helped attendees apply age-old concepts of word of mouth to their online marketing endeavors.

Braaten began the presentation by asking the audience to think of a time where they’ve received excellent customer service or have used a remarkable product. Great products and services generate buzz and create new business through word of mouth.

It’s this insight most businesses miss when they create their online marketing strategies. Instead of approaching online marketing disciplines like search engine optimization (SEO) and social media by diving into the deep end of tactics, Braaten encouraged the audience to think about what they already know about creating word of mouth buzz, and then to leverage that knowledge with no-cost or low cost online tools.

For example, a business may want to add a simple survey tool such as Kiss Insights to its product or service pages on its website. The tool allows customers to voice which improvements they’d like to see. Entrepreneurs who embrace the discipline of asking customers their thoughts, then fixing what’s wrong are on the path to creating word of mouth buzz.

Lastly, Braaten stressed the importance of engaging, entertaining, and educating customers through content created and shared through blogs and social media. Content enables businesses not only to be found more often online, but also to build a relationship rooted in trust and credibility with new customers.

The slides from the presentation are embedded below. Feel free to reference them in your business’s future online marketing planning sessions.

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