Step Ahead With Extracurricular Activities As A Human Resources Student

hr-internshipsThose deciding to pursue a Human Resources degree must not only pay attention to the lessons learned throughout their coursework, but must also should make it a priority to be involved in a number of non-school related activities for future career success. By doing so, students will find that they become more desirable for future employers who often look for well-rounded people to fill roles within a company.Still not sold?

Extracurricular Activities For Students or Recent Graduates

Networking Means Power: 

Becoming involved the HR community can allow individuals to develop a powerful network of contacts that may prove valuable later. Job seekers may also develop relationships that lead to referrals for an open position. Connect with a mentor, instructor, or in-field practitioners - you never know where this connection could lead in the future.

Leadership is Key: 

While signing up for extracurricular activities is important, going above and beyond by serving in a leadership position within a student or professional organization may set an individual apart from the rest. For instance, a leadership role may allow a job applicant to prove he or she has what it takes to be in charge of a team. Proving yourself as a leader early on will also allow your resume to seem more appealing to a prospective employer. Organizations like DECA would be the perfect place to build your leadership skills while still pursuing your degree.

Professional Organizations:

The Human Resources field is brimming with professional organizations that can help you network and build essential skills through webinars, seminars, publications, and conferences. Here are a few organizations you may want to consider joining as a HR student or graduate: