Helpful Tools and Software for the Online Accounting Student

There is a wide array of helpful tools and software available to the online accounting student. We’ve compiled a list of tools and software you can use both while working toward your online accounting degree and in your accounting career.


The Internet is home to dozens of accounting blogs chock full of information and news on accounting, auditing, taxes, federal regulations and much more. Blogs are a great way to supplement your accounting and public accounting degree studies and gain unique perspectives on accounting principles and current events. Students can find several lists of authoritative blogs all written by industry experts.


There are many websites that offer free or low-cost information and resources for the online accounting student. Here are just a few websites you’ll want to check out:

●     IRS – Visit the Internal Revenue Service site for the latest tax forms and publications. Check the Tax Professionals section for IRS news and resources, including a video portal and Webinar designed exclusively for tax professionals.

●     SEC – Check out the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission’s Accountants section for up-to-date information on accounting and auditing policies, financial reporting practices and more.

●     AccountingCoach – This site is packed with free accounting information and tests designed with accounting students in mind. For a nominal fee, you also can download educational materials and accounting forms.


There are a variety of software solutions on the market to assist accountants in their day-to-day tasks. Here are just a few of the many software solutions you might use as an accounting student:

●     QuickBooks® – Business accounting software

●     Sage Simply Accounting® – Full-featured accounting software

●     Sage Peachtree® – Accounting software for small businesses

●     Microsoft Excel® – A spreadsheet and data organization and storage application

●     Google Docs™ – Free online spreadsheet, word processor and presentation editor

What tools and software would you recommend for online accounting students?

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