Interview With The School Of Business Director at Rasmussen College

Rasmussen College School of Business offers Associate's and Bachelor's business degrees online and through a network of 22 college campus locations. To learn more about business careers and degree options at Rasmussen College, we sat down to interview Kathy Heldman, the Director of the School of Business at Rasmussen College. Here, she shares everything from desirable characteristics of a business professional, to the top business careers. Read on to hear Kathy's insights:

business-school-kathy-heldman1) What should a student look for when researching a business school?

A strong academic curriculum that includes courses in business topics like marketing, management, human resources,  accounting, law, ethics, strategic management , and organizational behavior are all assets you should consider when researching a business school. Faculty who are practitioners and bring the real world into the classroom. Students should look for programs that also focus on soft skills development, like communication and critical thinking.

The ability to apply what you learn in a business setting is critical to success is also key.  Students should seek out internship opportunities to learn the hands-on knowledge to equip you for the real-world workforce. 

2) What type of personality and skill set is well-suited for a career in business?

Students need to have mastered the technical knowledge and skills they developed in their business degree program, for example, Business Management or Marketing degrees.  Strong business soft skills are equally important to long-term career success.  Traits like the ability to clearly communicate, critical thinking, problem solving, and team building are all essential in the workforce, and can be developed in a business school.  Developing strong leadership skills is essential for individuals who want to move up into management.  One you may not have thought about – the ability to unwind.  There can be times when stress is high in a business career.  Individuals who can step back and enjoy time away from the job can be more effective on the job.

3) What are top business careers as far as earning potential and job growth?

A business degree is a terrific career choice because of its versatility, flexibility, and even salary potential. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, here is the salary breakdown for specific business areas:

4) What types of business careers are popular choices for business school graduates?

Accounting, Operations Management, Marketing, Human Resources, and Information Technology Management are all popular degree programs students can pursue. Each of these programs are unique – and because the business world has such diverse specializations and career paths, there is likely a program for every walk of life.


More about Kathy Heldman: Kathy Heldman, the Director of the School of Business, is based in Chicago, IL. Kathy has a law and Master's of Science from Syracuse University and a Bachelor's degree from the University of Michigan. Learn more about our business school faculty here.