Jobs with a Business Management Degree

Are you interested in learning more about potential jobs with a business management degree

Check out this short video where Jeri Retzlaff, business program coordinator for the Rasmussen College Mankato, MN campus, discusses how considering your interests could help you find job opportunities as a graduate with a business management degree.


Hi. My name is Allie Gray Freeland and I'm the host of the Rasmussen College video blog series, What Should I Do with My Life? I'm here today with Jeri Retzlaff, who is the business program coordinator for the Mankato, Minnesota, campus at Rasmussen College. So she's here today to share with us some important information about business management degrees, activities that you really can get involved with as a business management student, and then also business management careers.

You have a wide variety of jobs that you're able to obtain with a business management degree. Start by tying the degree with an interest that you have. Perhaps you're interested in retail. Perhaps managing a store or a department within a large organization might be of interest to you.

Or if you're interested in the financial aspect, having worked in that industry as an account manager might be a good fit. If you're interested in manufacturing and as a purchasing or production manager, or perhaps every company seems to need a sales or customer service manager at some level.

And finally, this degree is a perfect backdrop for those of you who are interested in owning their own business.

Thank, you so much, Jeri, for speaking with us today about the business management degree at Rasmussen College. For more information about business management and the degree opportunities at Rasmussen College, please visit