What is SEO and Social Networking, and Why are They Important?

Most businesses know how to create word of mouth in the traditional sense. When you provide a superior product or service, people talk about it. Call it water-cooler conversation or chatting over coffee; traditional word of mouth spreads by people who trust each other talking about products, services or companies. 

However, today the same trusted people who talked about products and services over coffee are now doing it online. When we look at it that way, it becomes less intimidating and more manageable and achievable.

Michelle Keyser, Rasmussen College Regional Marketing Manager discussed the benefits of using social networking to build “word-of mouth” for small businesses at the Central Pasco Chamber of Commerce General Membership meeting.

“Social media is great for your business; however, not every platform is right for every business,” said Keyser. “We often want to jump onto the latest trends and reap the benefit of the next big thing. That’s dangerous. If your customers aren’t on Twitter don’t waste a tremendous amount of time on that platform. Know where to find your customers and focus on mastering that.”

Another way to build your business is driving customers to your website. Keyser explained the importance of Search Engine Optimization and link building.

“The Internet is said to be the fastest growing sales channel; having strong SEO is like having an award winning sales team,” said Keyser. “When we think about how to optimize our search results we have to remember search engines like Google or Yahoo are our customers. We’re trying to make the search engine recognize or find us, so that we show up in the index of search results for our potential end users.”

Keyser explained another successful way to build SEO is through link building.

“Encouraging relevant businesses to link to your website you can increase your rankings,” said Keyser.  “One way of doing this is by blogging. By simply blogging on a topic, you position yourself as an expert.”

Whether through social media or SEO, Keyser says building name recognition online is an important piece of promoting your business. 

“Social networking and SEO is the modern day water-cooler and an easy way to spread the word about your product and services,” said Keyser.

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Naomi McDonald is the Sr. Media Relations Manager for Rasmussen College. She is responsible for developing and growing media relations and helping to positively impact brand via content development.

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