The Best Sci-Fi Websites of 2009

There are  tens of thousands of websites out there that have some connection to science fiction: some sites excellent while others are are complete wastes of time. Narrowing down the field to the top ten is an impossible task in the objective sense, but fortunately, I  put a list together of sites that are on the top of my mind. Here they are, in no particular order. Let me know what you think! Whether or not you are a technology and design degree students, this article is sure to entertain and inform.

    Internet Speculative Fiction Database – This is a collaborative effort to catalog Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror works all in one place. In addition, there are other areas including an author directory, a list of publishers, and a list of the top-rated forthcoming novels as anticipated by the users of the ISFD. All-in-all, a pretty interesting and informative site covering the SF genre end-to-end.

    SF Site – Here is another comprehensive repository of Science Fiction and Fantasy information, news, and events. Since July of 1997, the SF Site has published (twice monthly) book reviews, editorials, interviews, story excerpts, and several other features of interest to the SF fan. Check out the interview with Samuel R. Delany when you visit!

    Sci Fi Wire – This website is brought to you by the folks of SyFy (what used to be the Sci Fi Network). This has a lot of up-to-date media SF news as well as updates with SF media luminaries such as Peter Jackson and Tim Burton. Lots of pictures help give the site some visual appeal and SF eye candy for the visual learners in our group. Coming here, I was gratified to learn that Jamie Bamber will be guest starring in the Season 2 premiere episode of Dollhouse. You are following Dollhouse, right? – Speaking of Jamie Bamber, the Battlestar Galactica website has all the news and information you could want about either the Classic or Re-imagined Galactica. So whether you are a die-hard fan of the campy original series, or you found the new version to be among the best television ever (that’s Time Magazine talking, baby), this is the place for you to hang.

    SyFy – The former Sci-Fi Network has rebranded itself as SyFy, and their website covers all their programming. This is a must view site for those that catch this network on cable or satellite–and how cool is it that the first mention of artificial satellites came from noted Science Fiction author Arthur C. Clarke? P.S., is it just me, or does anyone else wonder what’s up with “SyFy”?

    Whatever – I’d be remiss if I didn’t include at least one decent blog in the mix. The Whatever blog is written and moderated by John Scalzi, one of the current bestselling SF authors—he’s wrote the Old Man’s War series of novels, which, if you haven’t read, you must. Several have been likened to Heinleing, and Scalzi is the one deserving of the comparison. The blog covers a wide mix of topics ranging from SF (of course) to politics to what middle age is doing to Scalzi’s neck. Always a compelling read.

    Memory Alpha – Everything you ever wanted to know about the all the Star Trek television series, movies, and more. Mr. Spock couldn’t possibly know this all. ‘Nuff said.

    Ain’t It Cool News – Are you looking for the latest inside news and early previews of all the upcoming SF and Fantasy movies? If so, this is definitely your place to be. The AICN reviewers have the really inside scoop info on the movies you will be watching in the upcoming weeks and months. Read all about Iron Man 2. Find out why the next Star Trek movie might be a 2-parter right out of the gates. And find out what’s up with Astro Boy (my boyhood fav) right here.

    Marvel Comics – All right, I mentioned Iron Man, so I have to point you to Marvel’s website. Want to find out what happened at Comic Con? It’s all here. Looking for some killer comic book art prints? Yeah, this is the place. Heck, this is where I get half my wardrob e of comic t-shirts. I dare you to tell me your not just a little bit curious about Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow in Iron Man 2.

    Sci-Fi Lists – Now this site is the mother load of all SF lists including books, television, film, and… well, everything! I found out that I read eight of the top 10 SF books and 14 out of the top 20. When it comes to films, I’ve seen every one of the top 19, breaking my streak with Gattaca at number 20. Write me back and let me know how you stack up!

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Hap Aziz is Director of the School of Technology and Design at Rasmussen College, where he oversees students pursing Information Systems Management Degrees, Design degrees and other technology and design-focused majors. He has worked in the higher education industry for nearly 20 years at companies including Full Sail Real World Education, Collegis, and SunGard Higher Education. Hap also has a M.S. in Instruction Technology and Distance Education from Nova Southeastern University and a BA degree in Computer Science from Rollins College. Currently he is working on his Ed.D. in Educational Technology at the University of Florida.

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