Bismarck Web Design Program Instructor Ed Sargeant on KFYR

Bismarck's KFYR-TV interviews the Rasmussen College multimedia instructor Ed Sargeant about the School of Technology and Design- web design specialization. Watch the video on the Rasmussen College - YouTube page here.


Amanda Tetlak: Rasmussen College is now offering a web design specialization in its multimedia technology degree that teaches students how to create a functional website. Alison Hesford is here to tell us more about what students learn in the multimedia program. Allison.

Allison Hesford: Amanda, the web design specialization will teach students how to create effective websites using elements like animation, sound, and color. But along with learning web design, students also get a taste of other types of design, like video and 3D animation. Websites have become an integral part of businesses, and the job market for web design is expanding. So to prepare people for those types of careers, Rasmussen College in Bismarck now offers a web design specialization.

Ed Sargeant: It's a very fast moving industry, and the technology and web is changing all the time. So a lot of our students actually come in expecting to just get a career in web design, and a lot of them are very good at that. They learn technology such as HTML, XHTML, CSS, Flash animation.

Allison Hesford: Students also have a few other specialization choices, so they are learning a wide variety of skills in the basic multimedia courses. John Delamott: Last quarter we did Flash and did some animation in Flash and we also did some layout for magazine spreads and stuff like that.

Allison Hesford: And some students definitely have their favorites. Michael Mastel: I really do like animation.

Allison Hesford: Sargeant says they teach students many different areas of basic design to ensure that they find which one is their passion.

Ed Sargeant: Anyone with any kind of creativity or passion for design, they can come in and from the ground up we take them through key skills to do with multimedia, be it graphic design or audio/video editing, right through to web design, portfolio development, and even 3D animation.

Allison Hesford: And Sargeant says those extra skills they gain will be useful tools in the career world. If you'd like to find out more about the web design program and other design programs, go to