Creating Your Graphic Design Career Path

There are many options in the graphic design career path, but have you considered which area of design you want to focus on? Graphic design is a great option with multiple layers to begin the drawing of your future and continue to elaborate on your talents. With a degree in graphic design, you can make a career as a freelance artist, jump into the corporate world or even go the non-profit route. The choice is simply yours.

Things to Consider

As you think about your graphic design career path options, we created a list for you to consider. You might want to apply some of these steps and tactics into your decision making for your future in graphic design

Draw your passion.

Where do you want to go? Where do you want to end up? There are several questions to ask when beginning a new venture in life. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to fellow students, teachers or career service advisors; this is a great skill to learn.

Design your degree.

The days of just paint and canvas are gone. We have entered into a digital world as design software is widely available. You might think you can get away with not getting a design degree, but the benefits of earning a degree surely outweigh not earning a degree. The design education you receive will teach you much more than just design. It will also teach you the basics such as writing, history, psychology, how to present to business partners, to sell, and more.

Create your job search.

As you take out the drawing board to search for a design career after graduation, know that job descriptions not only represent what employers are looking for, but also the experiences you have been through in your college career. One thing to remember when searching your career, “don’t judge a book by its cover.” There are many jobs out there that might sound daunting, but get your feet wet and apply because experience is everything these days.

Watch for hidden titles.

As you search for the career you want, know that many job descriptions are hidden. For instance, a MAC Operator could also be an Artworker, MAC Specialist, Entry Level Designer or even a Graphic Designer. Be sure to open up these job descriptions, so you get a full understanding of what the employer is looking for.

Find places to work.

With a design degree, you can go anywhere from print design to digital design and advertising, and from small organizations to large corporations. You can even go the self-employed or freelance route where you have the freedom to decide what kind of designer you are, and be somewhat of a chameleon from one day to the next.

Explore Your Options

As you think about beginning your graphic design career path, remember to keep up with the trends of the industry and always go the path you want to take. Explore the industry and take different routes from time to time to find where the true colors of your passion for design truly lie.


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