Top 20 Apps for Women of 2010

You’re a woman on-the-go, busy with work, kids, friends, and more. How do you do it? Well, you’ve got many tricks, but your greatest ally is your Smartphone. Here, we present the top twenty apps for women—all which have been given high marks for their usability, popularity and effectiveness. Download these quick and you’ll be even more ready to conquer the world.

Apps for women on mobile phone


1. Awesome Note

With everything going on in your life, you need a powerful organizer. Say hello to Awesome Note, your note-taking, calendar-viewing, to-do list-making, map-checking, Google docs-syncing app. You’ll thank us later.

2. mSecure Password Manager

This one is for all those just-in-case circumstances. mSecure allows you to store all your email and computer-related passwords, plus credit card numbers, frequent flyer numbers, social security numbers, and more, helping you customize and access your data both safely and effectively.

3. XspenseTracker

One of the hardest things to do when you’re on the go is keeping track of your expenses. This app makes it easy, allowing you to store records of all your purchases—from a lunch at the plaza to notebooks at the general store—along with photos of receipts. Better, you can send all your information to your work computer and Excel, so your HR department can access it, too.

4. ToodleDo

It goes without saying that you’re busy, and that old-school datebook or complicated Microsoft meeting planner for PC isn’t cutting it anymore. ToodleDo allows you to track project priority, start date, due date, status, and more. Flag tasks, hide tasks, create sub-tasks—you name it, this app will do it.

5. Timewerks

With kids in tow and the economy in flux, more and more women are turning to freelance work. Timewerks is the perfect app for tracking your project hours and the expenses you incur on the job. Better yet, it will even help you create PDF invoices—all at the touch of your fingertips!



6. WebMD® mobile

Feeling sick? Notice your child’s color is off? This app’s symptom checker will help you figure out what’s wrong, what you can do about it, and where you can go to get it checked out by a medical professional.

7. Pocket First Aid & CPR Guide

This app is a great refresher on all things first aid, for any of those just-in-case situations, from what to do when a person has a heart attack to how to treat a snake bite. It can also store your health insurance and emergency contact information.

8. Lose it!

It’s been your eternal New Year’s resolution—now you can carry it through. Lose it! helps you melt off those unwanted pounds by creating you a personalized weight loss plan, and helping you track your food intake and exercise minutes. According to Lose it! Studies have shown that over 96 percent of users who used the app for a month lose weight, and the average user loses about twelve pounds.

9. iPump Free Workout

You’ve been wanting to get your butt in gear, but don’t have the time to go to the gym. iPump Free Workout gives you a workout tutorial via your iPhone, specializing in strength exercises guaranteed to slim you down—wherever you happen to be!



10. Amazon Mobile

Amazon is great for when you don’t have time to run to the store. Now, you can use it without having to run to your computer; with Amazon Mobile, search through all available products and buy with a few simple clicks.

11. Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List

You’re at the grocery store, but you’ve lost your week’s list and are overwhelmed with options. Epicurious to the rescue! Use this app to search for meals and download ingredient shopping lists.

12. Coupon Sherpa

You’re a discount-getting, coupon-slinging maven, and now you’re life just got ten times easier. Coupon Sherpa compiles listings of hundreds of in-store coupons and deals, all ready to be accessed by your fingertips.

13. Save Benjis

Desperate to stay on-budget this month? Save Benjis will do wonders for your wallet; while you’re shopping, use it to scan the barcode of items you wish to purchase. The app will tell you where you can get the same item the cheapest, comparing prices at stores and online.


Family Matters

14. Shutterfly™ for iPhone

Can’t get enough of the kiddies, or miss them when they’re off at school? Download this app to view pictures of them all throughout the day, from the comfort of your own Smartphone. Shutterfly is a trademark of Shutterfly, Inc. 

15. Toddler Cards

You’ve already got a smart pre-schooler, but now you can make them smarter—and keep them occupied—with Toddler Cards, the speaking flashcard app that quizzes your kiddos on vocabulary, the alphabet and memory retention.

16. Brain Toot

Got older kids? Quiz them for tomorrow’s multiplication test with Brain Toot, an app that tests users’ aptitude with math and memory games.



17. How to Cook Everything

You’re dying to impress your girlfriends at a holiday potluck gathering, but your skills in the kitchen don’t go much further than pigs in a blanket. Use this app to access how-to guides and illustrations, as well as layman’s advice on all things cooking.

18. Paint Light

Let’s be honest: we all loved Lite Brite. Express your inner artist with Paint Light, an app that lets you import your own photos to make the perfect, even personal mini Lite Brite masterpiece.

19. Yoga Relax

Need to calm down after a long day? Yoga Relax acts as a personal yoga instructor, guiding you through moves and stretches to soothe the body and mind.

20. Wine Ratings Guide

Don’t know what wine to bring to your friend’s dinner party? Dubbed the “biggest wine ratings database in the world,” this app will tell you what kind of vino to bring—all you have to do is type “brussels sprouts.” You can also search by price range, best value, seller, and more.

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