Fox News Interviews School of Technology Faculty on Top Holiday Tech Gadget Gifts

The Rasmussen College - School of Technology instructor at the Bloomington, MN college campus, Anand Hurkadli, was recently featured on a local Twin Cities Fox News to share the top technology gadget gifts for the 2011 holiday season. In this clip, Anand shares important bits of information about tablets, tech advancements, and more!

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Well, most of us have somebody on our gift list who wants some technology in his or her stocking this year. The problem is, when you go into the store-- certainly mine do-- your eyes kind of glaze over. Well, there is help this morning.

Well, there's so much out there. Anand Hurkadli from the Rasmussen College School of Technology Design is going to navigate some of our best presents of 2011. Good morning.

Good morning.

Thanks for coming in this morning.

Well, absolutely.

Appreciate it. This is a very big world for people to navigate. The choices now really-- because everyone's got a tablet, everyone's got all sorts of cloud technology and all that. Where you start?

Well, you know, where you start is actually-- you need to really give some thought into what you're going to use it for. Like tablets can do so much, you really need to stop and think, what are you actually going to use it for? So like the stuff that I brought in today, I brought in a regular Kindle, a Kindle Fire, and an iPad 2. In terms of full-featured tablets that do everything, the iPad 2 is the way to go. It does everything, it does--

For those who know absolutely nothing, this is the iPad 2. OK.

This is the iPad 2. And there's really nothing--

That's cool.

--you can't do. Which--

How much different is it from the first iPad?

The first iPad? It's got a front-facing camera, which it didn't always have, which is better for doing video chat and stuff like that. The technology--

And it's got a marble pumpkin cheesecake recipe. That's very important. Well, is this going to replace the computer? A PC?

You know, maybe it's just because I'm so used to working on one, I can't see it ever doing that. The power you get with, especially being a designer, I need a certain amount of power in the machines that I work on. So I can't see a tablet ever replacing it. But at the same time, being a designer, the ability to just draw on these things and just email it to myself or a client or a student.

Very cool.

Like I said, what it can do is pretty--

OK, bottom line then. How great is this then, from your perspective?

It's amazing. And my wife is watching, so amazing.


So even you want one, huh?


I keep looking at this. What is this? It's small, it's kind of cute, but what does it do?

That is--

You may be the only person about it. This really is a cute computer.

Well, it kind of is. And it's got a little apple on it. So what we do with it?

That is the Apple TV, and you connect that to your television. And it just makes it very easy to use Apple's Marketplace to watch TVs and--

So go to the Apple store, you buy whatever, and then you just--

You just watch it on TV.

--stream it through--

And the advantages that some of those are cheaper than you might otherwise find.

Yeah, I think TV shows can be around a dollar. Movies, it depends if it's a new release or an old movie.

Well, talk about the Kindles here. Very big for people don't want to go $800 for the 64 gig iPad 2.


Down to a couple hundred bucks for color.


What are the benefits? Obviously, they start as readers, so you can have your books. But they've gone way beyond that, haven't they?

Absolutely. And the thing about books is they don't take up that much space. So like a gigabyte of space can hold a large number of books.

How do you turn that on?

Let me wake it up.

There it is.

So this is the big thing this year, which is-- It's like a mini-iPad, is it fair to say?

Actually no, because the iPad, like I said, does a little bit of everything. This specifically is a great media browser.


The difference between something like the iPad and a lot of the Android tablets is it has its own operating system.

Like Windows, right?

Mmhmm. Right. This is very stripped down. As you can see, it looks like a bookshelf. And it's just for looking at all the different content you have. You look at the top, you have Newsstand for your magazines. So like if I click over Newsstand. Again, Food Magazine.

You do a lot of cooking.


A lot of cooking and eating at your house.

Yeah, we do a lot of cooking.

That's not bad. So real quickly, we're just about out of time, what are best apps then? Some of the biggest ones that people may not know of or heard of yet that you would recommend for Christmas?

That's a good idea for a gift.

For Christmas? Absolutely. shop Savvy and Google Shopper are two great ones. What those do is that if you notice on some of your phones it has UPC scanner. So you can go up to, and I'm looking at a toy for my son, and I can scan it and it will give me a list of prices on the internet so I can make sure I'm getting a good price on it.


Oh, that's neat.

You got your own check out technology. Love that.

I need that too.

Anand Hurkadli from Rasmussen College School of Technology. Thank you.


I apologize that we're out of time because there's so much stuff to talk about here. Appreciate that very much, and for helping Karen.


I need a lot of help. I'll admit. I'll be the first to admit it.

You got to plug this stuff in back here.

Yeah, I got that.

You don't just set it down. Honey, it doesn't work yet.

Not nice. All right. Thank you, happy holidays.

All right time for, I think, our forecast on the 9s. Meteorologist Steve Frazier standing by. Steve we're looking for some--

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