Gain a competitive advantage by earning sought-after industry certifications

Our School of Design offers highly sought-after industry certifications. Each certification indicates to prospective employers that you have learned key skills in these necessary and fundamental design applications, and are provided to help you master the essential tools that augment both inspiration and creativity, giving you a competitive edge while helping you grow to become successful as a Graphic Designer in your chosen field.

To enhance your professional resume even further, all students will now take the Adobe Certified Associate: Visual Communication certification exam in Adobe® Photoshop®, with an opportunity to obtain two additional certifications at no additional cost.*

Our Graphic Design specialization programs currently offer the following additional certifications available to you:

Adobe Certified Associate InDesign** 
Description Program
Adobe® InDesign® is the industry's new standard in print and digital page layout. The Adobe Certified Associate InDesign Certification is created for designers who work with static and dynamic content for print and digital media, and seek proficiency with this application. All School of Design Graphic Design Specialization Students
Adobe Certified Associate Illustrator** 
Description Program
Adobe® Illustrator® is the industry's premier vector-drawing software for creating and editing complex scalable graphics. This certification demonstrates your proficiency and agility with utilizing shapes, color, effects and typography through a host of functions. All School of Design Graphic Design Specialization Students
Adobe Certified Associate Premiere Pro** 
Description Program
Adobe® Premiere® Pro sets the standard in powerful video and multimedia editing software. With this certification, you will demonstrate a mastery of managing and streamlining your media more efficiently, while showcasing your video editing skills. All School of Design Graphic Design Specialization Students
Adobe Certified Associate Dreamweaver*** 
Description Program
Adobe® Dreamweaver® software is the industry standard for creating and editing HTML-rich media websites and mobile apps. With this certification, you’ll show proficiency in web designs with adaptive layouts for cross-platform compatibility. Web and Interactive Design Specialization Students Only

Adobe® and Adobe Photoshop®, InDesign®, Dreamweaver®, Illustrator® and Premier Pro® are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems, Inc.

*Rasmussen College will cover the application fee for each first attempt of all of the industry certification exams for which you qualify to take. Should you need to take an exam more than once to receive a passing score, you will be responsible for all subsequent exam application fees.

**Adobe Certified Associate InDesign, Illustrator and Premiere Pro available to all students enrolled in our Graphic Design program.

***Web Specialization students only.