18 Reasons to Pursue an ECE Leadership Bachelor's Degree in 18 Months

Are you looking to earn a degree in an education-related field but are having trouble finding a Bachelor’s degree that fits your search?

After several months of talking with industry leaders and designing new courses to meet the emerging industry needs, Rasmussen College is presenting its Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education Leadership. Even more impressive is that Rasmussen College’s new ECE Leadership degree can be completed within 18 months!

Below are 18 ways Rasmussen’s ECE Leadership Bachelor’s degree distinguishes itself from others.  

1. Don’t stop at your Associate’s degree – take your education to the next level

With an ECE certificate or Associate’s degree, you can take learning to the next level by earning an ECE Leadership Bachelor’s degree. A Bachelor’s degree can open more doors for you in the future, which   ultimately increases your potential for earning and promotion throughout your career.

2. Learn About Children’s Mental Health

As a future educator, understanding children’s mental health can give you a boost in the education field but also help you to give young children a strong start! Courses offered:  Understanding Mental Health in the Early Years and Positive Behavior Guidance for Young Children.

3. Develop Leadership Qualities

 Early childhood education professionals who combine their child development knowledge and love for children tend to also showcase strong business and leadership qualities, says Cecelia Westby, Director of Early Childhood Education at Rasmussen College. Course offered: Organizational Management in Early Childhood Education.

4. Understand Teaching and Learning

By documenting children’s learning in observation and assessment in early childhood education, you’ll be able to understand and promote young children’s optimal development. Course offered: Observation and Assessment for Effective Curriculum Planning.  

5. Study Technology

Expand your own knowledge of technology in the classroom and also explore how a child’s learning and development is affected positively through the appropriate use of technology. Course offered: Technology and Developmentally Appropriate Practices.

6. Increase Communications and Direction

Communications courses in the ECE Leadership Bachelor’s degree program can help build a strong relationship between those people that play prominent roles in a child’s development. It’s often said that too many teachers hear their students without really listening to them. An ECE degree can help you be one the teachers that fosters positive communication between your students and their families. Courses offered: Communications and Connections for Early Childhood Professionals and Visual Communication in the Media.

7. One of a Kind

This education program is the only one of its kind to offer an ECE Associate’s degree and an ECE Leadership Bachelor’s degree. You may need an ECE Bachelor’s degree to meet the standards of whatever the future holds, whether it is an ECE director position, program director or pre-kindergarten teacher.

8. Learn How to Meet the Needs of Diverse Families Today

Discover the impact of diverse family structures and how they affect a child’s learning style. By understanding the family structure you’ll be given the tools to be successful in your future role as a teacher. Courses offered: Empowering Contemporary Families and Supporting Exceptional Children and Families.

9. Build Community with Your Instructors and Peers

Learn one-on-one with your instructors in an in-classroom setting once a week versus the classroom discussion boards and digital learning of working online; in-classroom courses hold you accountable from not only your peers but your instructors, too.  

10. Receive Instruction from Current ECE Teachers

Learning the tricks of the trade in the education field with this program can be interesting and exciting as many faculty members are practitioners in the field of ECE and understand early childhood education inside and out.

11. Take Your Class on the Go

With students able to listen to tutorials, complete homework and interact with program coordinators online, mobile technology including eBooks lets you take the classroom with you when you’re on the go.

12. Complete Hands-On Projects

Many of the projects completed throughout the coursework in the ECE Leadership Bachelor’s degree are hands-on experiences for students, and sometimes, their families. Courses offered: Effective Teaching Strategies, Teaching and Learning across the Curriculum andLanguage and Literacy Learning.

13. Meet the Need for Teachers and Directors

As the education market continues to grow at a rate of 25 percent, the market demand for ECE educators with a  bachelor’s degree is growing too.

14. Individualized Approach

Earning your degree doesn’t have to be complicated.  With the help of student advisors, your specific plan for success will be laid out for you in a comprehensive and understandable way. Each plan includes a roadmap that focuses on a balanced and functional approach to course selection from matriculation through graduation.

15. Current Students Can Enroll, Too

Any students in the associate’s degree program can transfer straight from their current degree into the ECE Leadership Bachelor’s degree without losing credits, retaking courses or affecting their tuition.

16. The Head Start Employee Advantage

Head Start is a federally funded program that serves and teaches children from low income families. Around 50 percent of Head Start Teachers are required to hold an ECE Bachelor’s degree.

17. Gain Multicultural and Social Justice Experience

Whether you want to be a Center Director or Lead Teacher, you will learn about the concepts of race, ethnicity, gender, abilities, socioeconomics and how they impact both learning a teaching. Course offered: Diversity and Social Justice.

18. Experience  the Way Children Learn

Analyze developmental variations such as motor skills, language skills and social skills in children and critique child development theories including Piaget’s theory of cognitive development. Courses offered: Advanced Principles and Perspectives of Child Development and Environments and Play Theory.


Are you interested in learning more about this degree and our courses? Check out the ECE Leadership Bachelor’s degree course list for further information.


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Kendall is an Online Community Specialist at Collegis Education who oversees online communities on behalf of Rasmussen College. She has a passion for social media and enjoys motivating and encouraging former, current and future learners.

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