Common Elements of a Medical Administration Job Description

Join the Director of the School of Health Sciences at Rasmussen College, and host Allie Gray Freeland, in the latest installment of the "What Should I Do With My Life" video series. This installment features a medical administration job description and information about medical administration degrees and career paths.



Allie: Hi, I'm Allie Gray Freeland, and I am the host of Rasmussen College's newest series, "What Should I Do With My Life?" In this series, we'll talk about key career and educational paths in health sciences.

Today I'm here with Lorrie Laurin, who is the Director of the School of Health Sciences.

What would be a typical medical administrative assistant job description?

Lorrie: Great question. The answer is there really isn't a typical job description. Again, it brings us back to the fact that there's tremendous diversity in career opportunities for graduates of a program like this. The job descriptions could range from a receptionist position. They could include a scheduling position. Someone could be a medical coder. Someone could work in, for instance, the admissions area of a hospital where folks come in to get admitted into the hospital environment. They can work in dental offices. They can work in chiropractic offices, in hospitals, doctor's offices, surgical centers.

There is really a limitless possibility of health care facilities that the skill set that you have when you graduate is going to allow you to go into. It really depends on where's my interest, where are my opportunities, what of all the things I learned do I really like doing the most, and I can find a job likely where I will be able to utilize the skills in the area I really enjoy the most.

Allie: I should have got into this career field. Wow.

Lorrie: I know.

Allie: Thank you. So, I think, Lorrie, that just about wraps up our series today about the career and educational opportunities for medical administration. Thank you again for being here.

Lorrie: Thanks for having me.

Allie: For all of you who want more information about this awesome career path, you can visit and thanks a lot.

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