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Next from our “What Should I Do With My Life” series is a short video exploring the variety of different medical assisting job opportunities within the healthcare industry and what type of a personality works well within this career field.  We speak with Lynn Skafte, the National Medical Assisting Program Coordinator for the School of Health Sciences at Rasmussen College.  Lynn covers who might enjoy working as a Medical Assistant, the exciting variety of career path opportunities within the different workplace settings and specialties.


Hi, I'm Allie Gray Freeland, and I'm the host of Rasmussen College's newest video blog series, What Should I Do With My Life? In this video, we'll explore career and degree opportunities as it relates to the exciting health care field. So today, I'm here with Lynn Skafte, who is the national medical assisting program coordinator for the School of Health Sciences at Rasmussen College. She's going to share some exciting information about the awesome and endless career possibilities as a medical assistant. So Lynn, what sort of personality traits would jibe well as a medical assistant, really?

Medical assistants are an individual who really gets along with people, who is a person who is outgoing, who is able to relate with many different people in a day. So in a doctor's office, medical assistants are going to be working with multiple different patients throughout the day. So a doctor can see up to 30 patients a day. So you're seeing 30 different people throughout the entire day. So being able to relate and have conversations with many different people throughout the day, I think, is one of the biggest things. So you're a people person.

And as well, it's important to have that caring side, too, and to want to be able to help people. Someone who is a go getter, somebody who is able to take direction, somebody who is motivated to do good for other people. I think that's probably one of the biggest things as well for them. So can you describe for us what the job opportunities are as a medical assistant?

Sure. A lot of people have a preconception about medical assistants, and they truly think that they are the ones who work in the clinic and just come up and call your name and bring you back to the office and just do your vital signs. That is not the case at all. So medical assistants, once they get out of school, they're able to go out and work in a variety of different settings. So whether it be a family practice clinic where they're working with all ages, from babies up to elderly people, they may choose to do something else.

So they're able to go and work in a vascular surgery clinic. So be able to come in and see and work with patients who have just gotten done with any type of surgery. They're coming in for their follow-ups. They can work in general surgery clinics. They're able to work in pediatrics, dermatology. They're able to work in a variety of different settings.

The medical assistants are also able to work in places such as prisons. So they have clinics within the prisons, and those medical assistants are able to work there as well. They're able to work with insurance companies as well. So there's a lot of different ways that medical assistants function in the health care field. It's just finding their niche within the field.

And one of the great parts is that we are able to give these students an education that gives them a great entry level skill set for them to go out and be successful. And it's up to them to be able to choose which path that they want to take. So there's so many different options for them, and every clinic is different, and every specialties clinic is different.

They give them even more opportunity to get more certifications while they're working within these different specialties. So these people are coming out and going out as medical assistants and being able to get even more experience and be more valuable within the field. So there's a lot of different opportunities.

Wow, ya. So just from hearing what you have to say about medical assistants, it seems like there's such a broad range of places you could work and types of specialties that you can engage in. So that's really interesting. Thank you.

All right, Lynn. Thank you so much, again, for being here today and telling us tons of information about medical assisting and the career opportunities and educational laddering opportunities. It was really insightful.

Well, thank you for having me.

You're welcome. So for all of you guys watching today, if you want more information about other health care careers, or even more information about medical assisting, please visit Thanks a lot.

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