Career Spotlight: Surgical Technicians

Witness Miracles in the Operating Room Everyday

Some people get queasy at the sight of blood or seeing invasive medical procedures. For those who don’t say “ewww” or “gross” at the sight of blood, a career in surgical technology may be for the right job for you.surgical-technologist

So why would anyone want to spend their day taking part in medical procedures? Of course, the primary reason is to make a daily impact on the quality of life of patients, and many medical professionals think “blood and guts” are fascinating rather than stomach-queasing. They are amazed at the functions that the human body performs to keep a person alive and healthy. If yo

u find yourself asking questions like “How does blood flows through the circulatory system to reach vital organs”… or… “How do organs work individually and in tangent with other parts of the body”… then a career in surgical technology may be well suited for you.

Role of Surgical technologists in the Surgical Room

When someone’s organs and tissues are diseased or injured, they may require surgery. Surgical technologists (also known as surgical techs or “scrubs”) play a vital role in the operating room. They prepare and maintain surgical instruments, equipment

, and supplies for surgeries, assist the surgeon during procedures, and contribute to pre and post operativ

e patient care. Surgical techs are in the thick of the action in the operating room—interacting with the top-level surgeons, registered nurses, and other medical personnel. Throughout the course of the day, they may retract organs and tissue, assist with handling biopsies and specimens for laboratory analysis, and provide hands on support to the surgical team.

Benefits of Being a Surgical Technician

Aside from seeing human anatomy every day, another amazing part of this job is to help patients in a meaningful way. Surgical technicians get to witness immediate results and everyday miracles. From assisting during a kidney transplant, to watching the birth of a baby during a Caesarian section—careers in surgical technology impact on millions of lives.

Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 91,500 surgical technologists employed in the United States, and that number is expected to increase by 25 percent between 2008 and 2018. The employment outlook for this specific profession will continue to rise, as the baby boomer generation ages, and the medical technology profession continues to expand.
Seventy one percent of jobs for surgical technologists were in hospitals, especially in operating and delivery rooms, while other technicians were employed in outpatient surgery rooms or care centers.


Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported that the median annual wages of wage-and-salary surgical technologists was $38,740 (May 2008). The middle 50 percent of people employed in this profession earned between $32,490 and $46,910.

Careers in Surgical Technology

As you can see, careers in surgical technology are in high demand and provide immeasurable personal fulfillment. I am so fortunate to have had a rewarding career as a surgical technologist and I hope to pass along the passion I have for discovering the magnificence and the miracles in the operating room…and see the beauty in blood and guts.

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Lori Groinus, CST, is a Faculty Instructor and Program Coordinator for the Surgical Technologist program at Rasmussen College in St. Cloud, MN. She has worked in the field of surgical technology for over 18 years. She also has a B.S. in Education from St. Cloud State University. Her surgical technician experience includes nearly 15 years of "scrubbing" cases in various specialties including: neurosurgery, orthopedics, general surgery, plastics and reconstructive, OB/Gyn, ophthalmology, dental, and ENT.

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