33 Police Pinterest Boards for Law Enforcement Officers & Future Crime Fighters

In February 2013, virtual pinboard site Pinterest had around 47 million users. That number jumped to 70 million by July 1 – making Pinterest one of the hottest pieces of social media property this year.

In an effort to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon and give the masses what they want, we decided to create a collection of police-related Pinterest boards for current law enforcement officers, for those considering the career and also for those earning criminal justice degrees.

Crime-related boards are still a little rare on Pinterest but we found enough to fill out six separate categories. Click the link to skip straight to your chosen group or scroll through them all. Before you're finished, don't forget to follow our Justice Studies Pinterest board too!

If you like what you see here, share, comment and engage with the users of those boards. If you’re putting together a humdinger of a police-related Pinterest board yourself, be sure to let us know about it in the comments at the bottom.

pinterest boards for cops

Pinterest boards on police

1. POLICE Magazine: 1,794 followers

Reason to follow: Much like its website (www.policemag.com) and print version, the POLICE Magazine Pinterest boards are a one-stop shop for law enforcement officers of all ranks. It aims to provide information that will allow officers do their jobs more efficiently, professionally and safely. Some of the best boards to follow include: police dogs K9, police tactical gear and police badges & patches.

2. Chris Miller: 968 followers

Reason to follow: An avid Pinterest user, Miller’s boards police and heroes contain thoughtful quotes and poignant imagery that truly capture the worlds of policing and combat.

3. Fighting Hole Marksmanship: 417 followers

Reason to follow: This Pinterest user appears to be an expert on firearms and other ways to protect yourself and your family. Its boards firearm posters, antique firearms, shooting ranges and home security all contain fascinating examples of equipment and techniques.

4. Glenn Howell: 229 followers

Reason to follow: Howell is a military veteran and retired police officer. He is also a police technology blogger and law enforcement/military advisor. His police board is filled with excellent book ideas for curious students. 

5. Jana Wills: 152 followers

Reason to follow: Wills’ board cops is an eclectic mix of police-related mantras, oaths and comic book-like renditions of Hollywood cops including: Eliot Ness (The Untouchables), Lt. John McClain (Die Hard series) and Dirty Harry.

6. Dily Nicolova: 149 followers

Reason to follow: Nicolova’s board police is an intense look at the profession. She features funny memes, inspirational quotes and poignant imagery – all of which revolve around the brotherhood among officers.

7. Police and Fire Publishing: 49 followers

Reason to follow: For any student out there looking for jobs, the tagline of this Pinterest user is “everything you need to know about getting hired in public safety.” Some of the best boards to follow include: criminal justicepolice community pins and weaponry.

Pinterest boards on corrections & prisons

1. Cheryl Darr: 6,019 followers

Reason to follow: Darr’s board history: asylum & prisons chronicles many of the bizarre practices and techniques used on patients and prisoners centuries ago. Darr’s history: killers & serial killers is also a fascinating collection of pins.

2. Geisterportal: 2,470 followers

Reason to follow: This somewhat macabre Pinterest user enjoys a healthy following for each of its boards – all of which have something to do with paranormal activities. Of particular interest are the haunted prisons and haunted asylums & hospitals boards.

3. Robyn Bychak: 968 followers

Reason to follow: Bychak’s prisons board opens with pictures of three common types of shanks used by inmates. She features images of prisons from far-off reaches like French Guyana and Cambodia as well!

4. Sherry Barton: 489 followers

Reason to follow: Self-professed Pinterest addict Sherry Barton boasts more than 25,000 pins across all her boards. Her prisons board is filled with images of historic American prisons. It also features poignant imagery of prison tattoos and famous mug shots.

5. Marie Ferroggiaro Gray: 250 followers

Reason to follow: Gray’s prisons board features correctional facilities from the U.S., U.K., Europe, Asia and Australia. It also includes an array of photos from famed San Francisco prison, Alcatraz.

6. Shelly Routh: 170 followers

Reason to follow: Routh’s prisons & asylums board provides haunting imagery from death row and features a handful of America’s most infamous correctional facilities.

7. Sentencing Advisory Council Victoria: 122 followers

Reason to follow: Compelling facts and imagery from prisons and policing in Australia and worldwide. Some of the best boards include: crime prevention, prisons international and sentencing international.  

8. Lori Humphreys-Basting: 102 followers

Reason to follow: Basting’s working in corrections board is an eclectic mix of prison weapons, history, humor and heroes.

Pinterest boards on forensic science

1. Richard Jones: 616 followers

Reason to follow: A forensic pathologist based in Wales (U.K.), Jones provides a bevy of Pinterest boards that showcase everything from forensic odontology to forensic art. Some of his most fascinating forensic pathology boards include: head injury,  ballistics and changes after death.

2. Kim Miller: 369 followers

Reason to follow: Miller’s forensics board focuses on the funny side of forensic science. She includes memes, comics and silly items for purchase.

3. Kim Peluso: 269 followers

Reason to follow: Peluso’s criminal justice & forensic love board focuses largely on firearms and forensic facts.  

4. Melissa King: 94 followers

Reason to follow: King is a self-professed lover and geek of all things forensic science. Her board criminal justice/forensics uses a combination of humor and forensic facts to convey her interest.

5. Anina Mumm: 30 followers

Reason to follow: Mumm’s board forensics. for justice. explores the challenges faced by scientists and the criminal justice system in making sure justice is served and the innocent are exonerated.

Pinterest boards on organized crime

1. Jay Gatsby: 509 followers

Reason to follow: Gatsby’s board history of the mafia includes everyone from Al Capone and Bugsy Siegel to Paul Castellano and John Gotti. Even better: Gatsby updates his board every week!

2. Mr. Nice: 448 followers

Reason to follow: Nice’s board yakuza/samurai ink is a visual cornucopia of colors and designs featured in the tattoos of Japan’s ancient and notorious organized crime outfit.

3. Betty Machette: 156 followers

Reason to follow: Machette’s board la cosa nostra highlights the rise and fall of the Italian mafia in America. Her other board serial killers, mass murderers and maniacs is a more macabre collection of rule breakers and felons.

4. Shawna Romasanta-Lemon: 66 followers

Reason to follow: Her board mad men is a secret shout out to the Italian, Jewish and Irish mobs in America.

5. Phillip Wardlaw: 13 followers

Reason to follow: Wardlaw’s collection of mafia and organized crime writers is a handy list of more than 60 books for those true crime lovers out there.

Pinterest boards on cybercrime

1. Sossity Nico: 207 followers

Reason to follow: Nico’s board social network association highlights the organization’s mission “to bring service, safety and sustainability to social networks around the world” and establish best practices around cyber bullying, cybercrime and cyber hate.

2. Impermium: 54 followers

Reason to follow: Impermium is a small California-based company that focuses on protecting the web from hacking, spam, registration fraud and other forms of cyber abuse. Top boards include: passwords & authentication, cybercrime and cybersecurity.

3. Sidrah Zaheer Sheikh Siddiqui: 44 followers

Reason to follow: Siddiqui’s board cybercrime - news needs some filling out but it features some of the world’s highest profile cases of cybercrime.  

4. Kathy Macdonald: 28 followers

Reason to follow: Macdonald calls herself a “crime prevention specialist” and her board cybercrime prevention features plenty of ‘how-to’ advice for safeguarding your computer. Her other boards security guru and cyber bullying are fascinating too!

5. Wireless Secured: 1 follower

Reason to follow: The organization is a loss prevention firm that specializes in safeguarding its clients’ cyber-related services. Its board wirelesssecured.com infographics features several shareable graphics on cybercrime facts and figures.    

Pinterest boards on miscellaneous crime topics

1. GuideStar USA: 1,377 followers

Reason to follow: GuideStar is an information clearing house for nonprofit organizations. Its aim is to provide transparency about the mission, reputation and finances of any organization involved in philanthropy. Some of the most informative boards to follow include: top nonprofits: criminal justice and top nonprofits: local criminal justice.

2. Rachael Fischer: 1,232 followers

Reason to follow: Fischer’s boards crime/history/forensics and forensic pathology/criminal profiling/investigate are each a collection of bizarre pictures and stories of serial killings throughout history. She even delves into pictures of paranormal incidents and forensic evidence!

3. The Sider Group: 308 followers

Reason to follow: The Sider Group is an Internet marketing company designed to match students with the schooling option that makes the most sense for the student. Its criminal justice education & career board links to criminal justice programs at universities across the country.

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