Dean of Nursing Highlights Nursing Demand on FOX Twin Cities

The Rasmussen College - Dean of Nursing at the Eagan, MN college campus appeared on FOX Twin Cities alongside two proud nursing degree students to discuss job opportunities for nurses.


Karen Scullin: All right. Well, if you're among thousands of people looking for a job or a new career path during this kind of tough economy, one area that really does continue to experience job growth is in the medical field. According to labor statistics, hospital and care facilities added more than 20,000 jobs during the month of June last year. The Minnesota Department of Health says there will be even more demand as current workers retire. They say 55% of current LPNs are 45 and older. The Dean of Rasmussen College and two current students are here to talk about opportunities in the medical field. Good morning. Thanks for being with us. We have Dean Dana Feld, Teresa Allen, and Colleen McNamara. Thank you, guys, for being with us this morning. First, let's talk about the types of careers that employers are hiring right now. Obviously, we're talking specifically today about nursing, which is, we were just saying, is skyrocketing.

Dana Feld: It's huge right now. I mean, the Bureau of Labor statistics, as you had already pointed out, is growing and they estimate another 22% by the year 2018 to be needed across the nation. So there are so many job opportunities between hospitals, clinics, informatics, which is a big new one, a lot of nursing forensics out there and that's growing, too.

Karen Scullin: I think that's important to point out, because there have been some nursing layoffs, of course, that we've heard about. But that's mostly in regards to hospitals, and so, like you said, they're branching out into other areas.

Dana Feld: Yeah, you have the ability in a hospital to have a higher mode of technology, and so people are not staying in a hospital as long as they were in the past. I mean, tonsillectomies used to stay in the hospital three to five days or more.

Karen Scullin: Sure.

Dana Feld: And now it's a same-day surgery.

Karen Scullin: And these are good paying jobs.

Dana Feld: Absolutely.

Karen Scullin: Good paying jobs. You can support a family on this job.

Dana Feld: Absolutely.

Karen Scullin: Okay. All right. You guys are nursing students. How long have you been in the program and what are your goals here?

Teresa Allen: Well, we're in our fourth quarter, our final quarter.

Colleen McNamara: So we graduate in March.

Teresa Allen: Eight weeks.

Karen Scullin: Wow. Congratulations. You are like the countdown is on, man.

Teresa Allen: Yeah, definitely.

Karen Scullin: What's after that? Have you looked for jobs yet?

Teresa Allen: Yes, we have been looking for jobs, and there seems to be a good amount of jobs for LPNs at this point in time.

Coleen McNamara: And Rasmussen provides us with job postings and job updates. So we're very current on the listings, current listings right now.

Karen Scullin: And why did you decide to get into the field? Is this a new career for you?

Teresa Allen: Yes.

Karen Scullin: Or did you transition from a different career?

Teresa Allen: Yes, I previously was in the restaurant industry and our sister is a nurse. We're sisters.

Karen Scullin: Oh!

Teresa Allen: And she always had said how rewarding being a nurse is. You know, she always said it was the most rewarding job she's ever done, and it's stable and it's very financially stable, as well. And to be rewarded every day with just the thank you's and making a difference in someone's life.

Karen Scullin: So you've obviously already had some hands-on training, I can tell, in interacting with patients and that kind of thing.

Teresa Allen: Absolutely.

Karen Scullin: That's obviously part of the program?

Teresa Allen: Yes.

Colleen McNamara: Yes, lots of clinical experiences.

Karen Scullin: Any particular field or side of the field that you're interested in, pediatrics or OBG?

Colleen McNamara: I don't know. This is our final semester and we're in a couple different areas we haven't been in before. So we both work in long-term care. We're not sure where we're going to end up yet, if we're going to split, stay together.

Teresa Allen: Right. We're not quite sure. My experience at clinicals with maternity and labor and delivery was amazing. So I'm kind of interested in that now. So we'll see.

Karen Scullin: I can tell you guys are really excited. Real quick, if somebody is interested, you mentioned that there has been a waiting list to get into the nursing program?

Dana Feld: Yeah, and a large majority of the universities in the Twin Cities, it's somewhere between two and five years, and we don't have a waiting list. We offer enrollment every single quarter, so four times a year. We also have an RN and a BSN program that's fully online, and it's a self-paced program so you can work while you're going to school. It's very convenient for the students.

Karen Scullin: Wonderful, wonderful.

Colleen McNamara: That's one of the reasons we chose Rasmussen, actually, was because there was no waiting list. We had looked at many other colleges, and the wait was, I mean, especially at our age definitely. We're in our thirties.

Teresa Allen: Right.

Colleen McNamara: So the wait, the two to five year wait was, like, oh my gosh. So and that was one of the reasons that we decided to go to Rasmussen because we could start right away.

Karen Scullin: You know, a lot of people might be afraid to start this.

Teresa Allen: Yes.

Karen Scullin: Was it hard? Was it difficult? More difficult than you thought?

Teresa Allen: She kind of talked me into it. I'm older than she is, and she was like, come on, let's just do it. Let's do it together, you know, and if we do it together, it's not as scary.

Colleen McNamara: And then once we started at Rasmussen, we got coddled through every step of the way.

Karen Scullin: Wonderful.

Colleen McNamara: From financial aid to enrollment to everything, so they made it really easy for us to start back in college . . .

Teresa Allen: Not as scary.

Colleen McNamara: . . . after being out for so long.

Karen Scullin: Well, congratulations. It sounds like it's so near now, just a few weeks away.

Teresa Allen: Yes.

Karen Scullin: So congratulations to you. Thank you very much for being with us this morning.

Dana Feld: Thank you.

Karen Scullin: It sounds like a great opportunity, especially if you're looking to transition into something different in this economy.

Dana Feld: Absolutely.

Karen Scullin: All right. We will be right back.


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