Amazon Cloud Music Player Explained by Technology Expert

The Amazon Cloud Music Player is an exciting new way to store and stream your music and other files on the Internet. Rasmussen College Director of the School of Technology and Design Hap Aziz explains Amazon's streaming music service on a segment aired on Florida's Fox WOFL-TV 35 on 4/4/11.

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Heidi Hatch: Thank you, Ryan. It's 7:37 right now. First there was Napster, then iTunes and Pandora, but now the very newest type of online music server is now being unveiled. Amazon's new cloud is going to let you access your favorite songs on really almost any device and anywhere. Joining us now live to tell us how it works and where the drawbacks are is Hap Aziz, technology expert from Rasmussen College. Good morning. Thank you for coming in.

Hap Aziz: Good morning, Heidi.

Heidi Hatch: I think always exciting to talk about new ways to use our music because we love having it but not always easy to transfer it from one location to another. Most of us don't just have one computer or maybe one handheld device that we use these days.

Hap Aziz: That's correct. The nice thing about the Amazon cloud service is that you'll be able to access your music from any computer, either Mac or PC, or from any Android device. So, if you've got an Android phone or an Android tablet, you'll be able to get your music streamed to you if you have an Internet connection available.

Heidi Hatch: But if you're an Apple person, this isn't going to work on an Apple product, right?

Hap Aziz: Well, it will. You will be able to stream the music to your Apple computers.

Heidi Hatch: Okay.

Hap Aziz: But not to iPod devices.

Heidi Hatch: Gotcha. And also important to note that this is, you're able to stream the music, but you can't necessarily download it there permanently to these devices.

Hap Aziz: Yeah, that would sort of defeat the purpose of what you're trying to do. You will load your music to the cloud. So, anything that you buy new from Amazon, you have the option of directly loading it there, and the music that you currently own, whether it's in MP3 format or AAC format, the Apple format, you can also upload to it. Once it's there, the whole point is that you'll be able to access it without having it local.

Heidi Hatch: So, it's easy just to have it there. Now, let's talk a little bit about how much storage there is. About how many songs can you put on this so-called cloud?

Hap Aziz: Well, to use the cloud you need to have an Amazon account, and that will give you 5 gigabytes of space free to start. That's room for about 1,000 songs. As soon as you buy an album from Amazon, they'll actually upgrade you with 20 gigabytes more space, which is another 4,000 songs worth of space.

Heidi Hatch: So, basically when you're buying their music, they're kind of giving you more and more room on this.

Hap Aziz: That's right. In fact, anytime you buy music, they will give you that extra space. So, you're not really using up your space with music. You can store other types of data on the Amazon cloud, but I wouldn't recommend it.

Heidi Hatch: Is it safe to just buy and put your music on this cloud and never download it to your computer? Will you always be backed up by Amazon, or is it best to still download so you have it there just in case?

Hap Aziz: Well, you would want to keep your music on the Amazon cloud. That's one of the benefits of it, and their servers are very secure. They have all the back up procedures in place, so you won't lose any data. However, if you buy music and I'm one of these types of people, I like to actually download the music so I have a copy myself so to speak, and then I would re-upload it to the cloud. That's a little more difficult. Most people will probably just buy it and have it loaded directly to the cloud.

Heidi Hatch: But always nice to have new technology, new places to store all our stuff, right?

Hap Aziz: That's right.

Heidi Hatch: Bookshelves for our music even in the sky.

Hap Aziz: Exactly.

Heidi Hatch: All right. Hap Aziz, thanks so much for coming in and explaining it to us. Probably more competition coming out for this cloud, coming up soon in the next bit from Google.

Mike back over to you.

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