Best Technology Gifts for Father's Day

Strapped for Father's Day gift ideas? Technology expert, Hap Aziz, shares five great gifts for the "techie" dad with Fox - 35. Hap is the Director of the School of Technology and Design at Rasmussen College. 

Tech Gifts Mentioned in the News Clip Include: 
1. Sony® Bloggie 3D Camera: This cool new gadget has two lenses that allow you to film in 3D.
2. Korg Monotron: This palm-sized analog synthesizer is perfect for the music and technology lover, as it allows you to.
3. Altec Lansing Octiv Duo: This speaker deck for MP3 players allows you to mix music from two different MP3 players at once.
4. GorillaTorch Blade by Joby®: Perfect for a handy man, this flashlight stand provides a perfect, stable light for
5. Rare Earth Magnet Balls: These small magnetic balls are a perfect desk decoration. Fathers can bring out their inner child with this tech-friendly gizmo.



Heidi Hatch: Well, we're talking Father's Day today. It is just around the corner, Mike.

Mike Dunston: Yeah, it sure it, Heidi. So it's time to start thinking about that perfect present for your dad, your granddad, or the father figure in your life. And this morning you see him right here, our tech expert, Hap Aziz, is here with a look at the top five gifts for techie dads. Hap, thanks for joining us.

Hap Aziz: Great to be here, Mike.

Mike Dunston: All right. First we're talking about something from Sony that you picked for us, a Sony 3D Camera. Tell us about this.

Hap Aziz: Yes, the Sony Bloggie 3D Camera, it's a camera in the form factor of the old Flip, except it has two lenses in the front, which mimic your right and left eye. But it allows you to capture 3D images. It will play them back, glasses free. Or you can hook it into a 3D television and watch it that way.

Mike Dunston: Okay. So, no glasses at all?

Hap Aziz: On the device itself. But if your 3D television requires glasses, you'll obviously need to use them there.

Mike Dunston: So you need a 3D TV to see 3D, if you're going to hook it up?

Hap Aziz: That's correct.

Mike Dunston: Okay. All right. And the next one, this is a Korg. What is that?

Hap Aziz: The Korg Monotron. Korg is a company that's famous for synthesizers, and the Monotron is a palm size synthesizer that's in the old analog style. So it has knobs, a switch, and a little keyboard, so you get the little '70s and '80s synthesizer sounds. You can actually run external sounds through the filters there for some musical fun.

Mike Dunston: How much is this one?

Hap Aziz: That's $60.

Mike Dunston: $60, not bad.

Hap Aziz: Yes.

Mike Dunston: All right. And the first one. Sorry, we forgot to tell you about that. The Sony, how much was that one?

Hap Aziz: That runs for about $250.

Mike Dunston: $250. All right. 3D Camera. Interesting. All right. The next one is Lansing. What's that?

Hap Aziz: Well, the Altec Lansing, it's an Octiv Duo. It's a speaker deck for two Apple iPod or iPhone devices. So, if you're a two iPod Touch family, you're husband and wife, that you've got a couple, or for me, my daughter has one, we can put them both in. You can actually charge them both at the same time. But you can mix the music from both devices.

Mike Dunston: All right. Okay. And the next one is Joby.

Hap Aziz: It's like the Gorilla Pod. It's called the Gorilla Torch Blade, and what it is, is it's a flashlight stand for a third pair of hands. If you're working on something in the shop and you don't have someone else around to hold a flashlight for you while you're doing a two-hand operation, this thing will wrap around a pole or a table desk or chair and will provide you with light.

Mike Dunston: All right. And rather than wear one of those little helmets, the miner's helmets.

Hap Aziz: That's right.

Mike Dunston: This thing will work practically anywhere. You just wrap it around something.

Hap Aziz: And it's a stand, so it can stand on a flat surface.

Mike Dunston: Very nice. How much is that?

Hap Aziz: That is $60.

Mike Dunston: $60? All right. And the last one is Rare Earth.

Hap Aziz: Well, they're Rare Earth Magnets. They're small magnetic balls, and just what man does not like magnets to play with. You can shape them into any type of shape, pattern, anything you like. It's just fun to have on your desk at the office or at home.

Mike Dunston: Are those like those little things that are kind of spiky and then you can just make creatures and stuff out of them?

Hap Aziz: They're like that, except they're little balls, yes.

Mike Dunston: And how much is that?

Hap Aziz: That's $20.

Mike Dunston: $20! Okay. Some good deals here, not too much money. $60 to $20 to $250 there.

Hap Aziz: That's correct.

Mike Dunston: Technology expert, Hap Aziz, thank you so much for coming in. Thank you. Appreciate it.

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Hap Aziz is Director of the School of Technology and Design at Rasmussen College, where he oversees students pursing Information Systems Management Degrees, Design degrees and other technology and design-focused majors. He has worked in the higher education industry for nearly 20 years at companies including Full Sail Real World Education, Collegis, and SunGard Higher Education. Hap also has a M.S. in Instruction Technology and Distance Education from Nova Southeastern University and a BA degree in Computer Science from Rollins College. Currently he is working on his Ed.D. in Educational Technology at the University of Florida.

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