Excel 2010 Tutorial - Formatting

In this video from the Excel 2010 Tutorial series, School of Technology Program Coordinator, Justin Denton, teaches us formatting in Microsoft Excel 2010. This tutorial video is a great beginning step to your courses in technology at Rasmussen College.


Just general formatting, and this kind of jumps back to almost Excel refresher. But if you're in an Excel spreadsheet, if we're doing resizing of columns and things like that, just basic formatting of your spreadsheet, it's pretty quick and easy because you get the double-headed arrows that you can resize with. If you click and drag it works, if you double-click it'll auto-resize the width of the column to whatever the longest word is in that actual column.

If I want to do it with multiple and resize multiple at the same time, I can highlight multiple cells. Just click between one when I have the double-headed arrow and drag them, it'll resize them all at the same time. Well now because they're all resized at the same time, I can't read anything. So I want to do the same thing, highlight the entire worksheet, but I want to just double-click. If I double-click, it'll automatically do all the cells and resize them to fit whatever the largest word is in that given column.

So you'll see that the Account ID is one size, whereas "early childhood" would be the longest word in Column F. Same process goes with the side columns. If I resize here, double-click, I can do that as well. It just gives you a quick way to go through and do some formatting and make everything coincide.

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