Excel 2010 Tutorial - Max, Min, Sum Function

In this video of the Excel 2010 Tutorial series, School of Technology  Program Coordinator, Justin Denton, describes the max, min, and sum functions in Microsoft Excel 2010. This tutorial video is a great beginning step to your courses in the School of Technology program at Rasmussen College.



The minimum, maximum, and sum functions, as well as the average and count, all work the same in that principle. So if I want to find out what the minimum cost item I have, I'll just type in equals MIN open bracket, select that same range in the formula with a closed bracket and hit Enter, and I'll know my minimum cost item that I have is $0.95.

You'll notice that sometimes there's not a lot of consistency on some of the formula names. So you get in the habit, and that's why I get in the habit of first typing in AVG, and you really can't use AVG. Average is the word average spelled out. Although for minimum, MIN, and maximum equals MAX. So sometimes you may find out what you've got to go into the formula builder to do that.


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