Flash Drives: A Convenient Way to Stay Organized

With so many ways to utilize technology these days, it can be hard to keep track of all your files and accounts. Fortunately, a handy storage device may be just the solution. Flash drives are small storage devices that can be used as a valuable and beneficial part of your career and college courses at Rasmussen College. As a student of the School of Technology and Design, you can use USB flash drives as a convenient way to stay organized for your everyday life and work, to keep all your projects, research papers and notes in one place.

You’ll also want to think about what flash drive storage size. What works best for you and future projects, and find a flash drive that can is capable of storing those ideas.

Your flash drive should be customized to your needs; flash drives come in a variety of styles and each stores a specific amount of memory. If you plan to save music, design files and videos, you may want to invest in a flash drive that stores 16GB or more. Flash drives that hold 16GB typically range from $15 to $30, but the more memory the more money it will cost; 128GB flash drives can cost an average of $100 to $300. If you are just planning to keep track of research papers and notes, you can store thousands of word document pages on a 4GB USB drive, affordably priced at only $5 to $10. Whatever you decide, the expense will be worth your while to keep you on track to succeed in your technology and design courses.

In addition, your USB flash drive can also be a fun way to show off your personality! Be original and pick any design that fits you. From comic book and film icons to furry animals and robots, these handy storage devices come in many entertaining variations and are available almost anywhere computer accessories are sold.

Whether you are looking for a USB flash drive solely for storage purposes or for the design elements, these storage devices will help you to conveniently stay organized and be a successful student. What flash drives have helped you to stay successful as a student? Have you checked out our post on our Facebook page for what you call these handy storage devices?

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