Gas Prices: There's an App for That

PJ Way, an instructor at the Rasmussen College - School of Technology and Design, shares the top Smartphone applications for finding the best gas prices around town with ABC - 7 News.


Stacey Baca: Well, this Memorial Day weekend travelers should buckle up when they hit the road, of course, and Federal and State patrols will once again check for seat belt use and drunk drivers out there. This is the tenth anniversary of the Click It or Ticket program. And besides safety, gas prices are also on drivers' minds. It seems like they keep climbing, and we've been hovering right around the $4 mark in the Chicago area for the last few weeks now. So, how can you get the most mileage for the fewest dollars?

There's an app for that, several apps, of course. PJ Way, faculty member at the Rasmussen College School of Technology and Design, is here to tell us about these different apps. This is something that could be incredibly useful.

PJ Way: Definitely, especially around Memorial Day. Here we are in the long weekend. People want to travel and are trying to save a little bit of gas as well.

Stacey Baca: Right, and you want to know where the cheapest gas is, and you have a way of checking this out in these different apps. Very interesting here. The first one is . . . is it called Waze or Wazey?

PJ Way: I would say that's Waze.

Stacey Baca: Waze? Okay.

PJ Way: Yes.

Stacey Baca: The first one is Waze. How does this app work?

PJ Way: Waze is an application that is designed to give you real-time traffic updates. So as users of the Waze community are driving around, they can provide updates for slow traffic, delays, any road construction, police traps, things of that nature. The idea behind it is that if you know the best route to go, you're going to save more fuel. You're going to be economically sound in your decisions in the route you take.

Stacey Baca: All right, and I see the cost there - free.

PJ Way: The cost is free. You can't beat that.

Stacey Baca: You can't beat that at all. Okay. A second one you have here is Gas Hog. How does the Gas Hog app work?

PJ Way: Now the Gas Hog app actually will track multiple vehicles. You can set it up so that when you're using Gas Hog, you're able to view the economy of your fuel filling. So that every time you fill up, it tracks the mileage you get, the miles per gallon, and it may offer tips for what you can do to improve your fuel economy.

Stacey Baca: All right. This one, though, does have a price tag on it. A cheap one, though.

PJ Way: That is correct. $0.99 and that's on the iPhone OS 3.0 or greater.

Stacey Baca: Okay. So third gas app here, the GasBuddy.

PJ Way: Yes. The Gas Buddy. GasBuddy is actually an app that I've started getting very familiar with. I really enjoy it.

Stacey Baca: You use this one?

PJ Way: Yes. It actually uses your GPS and cellular triangulation to help locate local gas stations with gas prices that are at the best fit for you. They can base it on low grade, mid grade, or high grade gas, as well as diesel fuel. Now, the user community actually builds this app. So what that means is there's no database behind it. The app itself is driven from users like you and I that would find the best gas prices. We update that information real-time for everybody.

Stacey Baca: Oh, that's interesting. So if you're cruising around town, you happen to be in Skokie or wherever, you can actually punch it up and it'll show you the nearest gas stations and all the prices so you can compare them.

PJ Way: It's true. You sure can, exactly.

Stacey Baca: I like that one. Okay, so that's GasBuddy.

PJ Way: That is GasBuddy.

Stacey Baca: All right. Next one is GasBag.

PJ Way: Now, GasBag that also relies on user submissions in order to improve gas prices across the country. You can find the gas price that's best for you. Users can track their car mileage, as well as the details for their gas purchases. This is also a free app for your iPhone. Now there is a GasBag Pro, which is $0.99, but that includes for multiple vehicles. There are no ads. It's larger maps and faster load times.

Stacey Baca: All right. So if you want to upgrade, you will pay a price, but try the free one out. I guess that's a good way of kind of testing it out.

PJ Way: Definitely.

Stacey Baca: All right. Last, but not least, iGas.

PJ Way: Okay. iGas is actually iGas Up and the iGas Up locates the cheapest prices available around your area, as drivers and users fill their tanks. It is a fee of about $0.99. It is ad free, and it works not just on your iPhone, but as well as your iPad, iPad Touch. Prices continually are updated in this one, through a database, that are transmitted from prices over 110,000 stations across the country.

Stacey Baca: All right, very interesting. I'm sure a lot of folks are going to put those into use, especially people who are driving around this holiday weekend too.

PJ Way: Definitely, definitely.

Stacey Baca: So PJ Way, Rasmussen College, thank you very much, appreciate that.

PJ Way: Thank you very much for your time.

Stacey Baca: All right. Well, you can look up this list of gas apps on our website as well. That's All you have to do is click on "See it on TV." I like how you do all the homework for us, so we don't have to go searching for them. Appreciate that

PJ Way: I enjoyed it a lot.

Stacey Baca: All right. Well very good. From holiday travel to how about a little bit of holiday cooking? We're going to show you how to make bison burgers.

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