Information System Jobs And Salaries

Rasmussen College - School of Technology instructor from the Brooklyn Park, MN college campus, Jacob Sorem, answers a commonly asked question, "What are information systems jobs and salaries." This video dives deeper into information systems management and career paths you can take in this field.


Hi. I'm Allie Gray Freeland and I'm the host of Rasmussen College's newest video blog series, "What should I do with my life?" So in this series, we'll talk with expert instructors to help answer the question, what the heck should I do with my life? So we're here today with Jake Sorem, who is a technology instructor through the School of Technology and Design at Rasmussen College. He's going to share some really important information with us about the educational opportunities in information systems management and then the career paths one could take in this field.

So for our graduates and anybody who's really looking for a job in the field, there's a lot of different ways that you can go with an information systems management degree. Some of the specializations will obviously lead into specific jobs, like database administration. You're going to be looking for some form of database type job. Web programming pretty much speaks for itself as well.

JACOB: For some of the others, you're looking at everything from help desk, analysis, technician. Those are the types of keywords you want to look for when you're doing searches for jobs. It could be anything from working at a small company or even a consultancy that helps a lot of companies doing, usually it's level one or level two support. What you'll be looking for. Outside of that, you could be doing design work. You could be doing manufacturing work. There's really a lot of options for IT positions out there.

JACOB: So an information systems management, depending on the specialization you're doing, could tell you how much money you'd be making. For network admin, if you're talking about help desk, something like that, you're probably looking at somewhere $25,000, $30,000 a year. Goes on up from that. If you're really good at what you do and you get into some level two, level three technicians, you could be looking at closer to $40,000.

JACOB: Database always seems like it's something that's in demand. And for that, you end up getting a little bit higher in the salary range. Sometimes they start at $35,000 to maybe even $60,000. They get up there quite quickly. Web programming could be a little bit lower. Could be higher depending on the demand and how well you do your job. I would expect something in the $25,000 to $35,000 range to start with.

ALLIE: A special thanks to Jacob Sorem for sitting with us today to talk with us about some really important information about the field of information systems management. So if this series really sparked an interest for you to want to pursue your degree, or even educational opportunities, or credentialing for information systems management, please visit

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