11 Obscure IT Job Titles You've Never Heard of ... Until Now!

Obscure IT Job Titles

In the IT world, there seems to be a never ending list of job titles. Each title is scrambled with acronyms and different variations of administrator, analyst, developer, programmer … and the list goes on. Regardless of the variation, the IT field has endless possibility for tech-savvy people like you!

With so many unusual and ambiguous job titles out there, you’re bound to come across a few you’ve never even heard about. To help familiarize you with all of the possibilities out there, we compiled a list of 11 of these IT job titles and their corresponding descriptions and earning potential.

Take a look – you may just find one of these fascinating titles on your business card one day!

11 Uncommon IT job titles that could be yours

1. Desktop support analyst ($54,250 - $80,500)*

These professionals handle all of the hardware and software administrative needs of a company. This includes maintaining an inventory of software licensing, creating policies and procedures for upgrades, working with software vendors and creating accounts for employees company wide.

Candidates for these positions should be well-versed in desktop hardware, software applications and operating systems and have excellent customer service skills. They may also be required to hold professional certifications from CompTIA or Microsoft.

2. Mainframe systems programmer ($66,500 - $93,000)

Mainframe systems programmers are tasked with developing and maintaining the massive computers that support a larger network. They work alongside a technical team that designs and maintains the mainframe systems’ programs and applications. Writing code is a big part of this job description, as well as testing and debugging the mainframe computer applications.

3. QA analyst ($65,000 - $100,250)

Quality assurance (QA) analysts are responsible for developing and executing software testing plans and documenting results. With technology evolving at lightning speed, new software and applications are being released constantly, and it’s these professionals’ job to ensure all the bugs are worked out before launching.

These analysts must be extremely detail-oriented and have excellent written and verbal communication skills in order to detect and report issues with software functionality.

4. Web administrator ($70,000 - $94,250)

Put simply, these professionals are in charge of websites. They are responsible for everything from installing and customizing to updating and maintaining the web pages. This makes experience with web technology and the Internet a must for this position.

Web administrators work with firewalls, intranets, servers, domain name services and just about anything required to administer a website. They generally work well in a team environment and have excellent communication and customer service skills.

5. Messaging administrator ($74,000 - $111,750)

With the growth of online messaging and email systems, messaging administrator is one IT job title that has emerged somewhat recently. As detail-oriented and problem solving professionals, these professionals maintain, repair and oversee email and messaging related systems.

These IT pros typically have hands-on experience with hardware and software for messaging systems such as Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Active Directory and Lotus Notes. They’re constantly working with the latest-and-greatest handheld and mobile devices, meaning they must be comfortable working in a fast-paced environment.

6. EDI specialist ($76,500 - $115,500)

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) specialists are experienced and knowledgeable with information systems technology. They spend their time mapping data between systems, translating data into different formats and exporting it for the use of clients or businesses. Successful EDI specialists are detail-oriented, employ excellent problem-solving skills and have the ability to work independently.

7. E-Commerce analyst ($79,750 - $110,750)

This IT job requires a blend of IT-based skills and business and marketing concepts. E-commerce analysts work with websites and web designers to solve problems and strategize how to best operate online sales and services. This is all done with the overarching goal to increase sales.

In a brick and mortar store, a manager would address challenges in sales or efficiency. Online, these duties are left to the E-commerce analyst. These professionals should have excellent communication, interpersonal, analytical and problem-solving skills.

8. ERP technical analyst ($98,000 - $140,750)

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a type of business management software that allows an organization to integrate many applications that the business or office uses into a system that aids in different business activities. ERP technical analysts must be able to identify and analyze complex processes related to this system. They provide business support for ERP software and help to develop and upgrade new software elements.

ERP technical analysts work in a setting that is both technical and business oriented, so individuals with this IT job title should not only be tech savvy but also have strong written and verbal communication skills.

9. Network security administrator ($103,250 - $147,000)

Network security administrators protect an organization’s entire network and ensure that preventative measures are in place. They monitor the traffic within the network by implementing network security policies, maintaining firewalls and performing intrusion detection analysis.

Network security administrators should have a strong technical background and be able to troubleshoot and communicate effectively. 

10. Data modeler ($106,750 - $155,500)

These IT pros are responsible for making sure a business’s data is accessible and flowing efficiently.  They work closely with key stakeholders and make detailed recommendations to follow organizational data requirements and create logical models of data flow.

As you would expect, data modelers must be effective communicators and have impeccable data analysis and problem-solving skills. They should also have experience with data modeling tools and data warehousing.

11. Big data engineer ($129,500 - $183,500)

Big data engineers work directly with businesses and data scientists to figure out how to process the large amount of data that is flowing to and from businesses. Processing data on a large scale—such as in a school or healthcare facility—can be challenging, which is precisely why it comes with such a big salary.

Big data engineers require a detailed knowledge of statistics and typically need to have programming experience with Python or Java. Data mining, processing large amount of raw data and designing and maintaining databases are all necessary skills for these data pros.

The intriguing & enticing world of IT

It’s clear from the IT job titles featured above that there is a whole plethora of positions out there in the technology field. And the landscape is constantly progressing, meaning new jobs will continue to emerge and employers will be looking to fill them.

If any of these IT job titles pique your interest and you’re curious about how you can start getting your hands dirty in the field, check out this article: 4 Ways to Gain IT Experience & Maybe Even Land Your First Tech Job.

*Salary and job description info came from the Robert Half® Technology 2016 Salary Guide. Salary data represents national, averaged earnings for the occupations listed and includes workers at all levels of education and experience. This data does not represent starting salaries and employment conditions in your area may vary.



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