4 Cutting-Edge Tech Jobs that Didn't Exist 10 Years Ago

Cool tech jobsIt’s difficult these days to spin the radio dial to your local news station without constant reminders of the encompassing lull of the job market over the last several years. It can be easy to throw your hands in the air out of frustration in response to the monthly percentage reports and exhaustingly consistent updates on rates and regulations of unemployment benefits and simply give up on the idea of landing your dream job.

But you’re a fighter—you always have been.

Everyone in your life knows you’ll work as hard as you can to snag that fancy title, lease a classy new set of wheels and treat your buddies to an extra round at happy hour. It is totally understandable, but, you want to be sure the time spent will be worth it before you put your current job on hold to pursue a new career path.

The good news is that in the wake of America’s economic struggles, the tech world is constantly seeking new blood and fresh ideas. The rate at which tech pros are developing new trends and technological concepts suggests that the tech field is constantly evolving. And these days, they’re not just looking for the same old tech guy—they want people with revolutionary minds who can not only ride the waves of technology, but be the ones to get those waves surging in the first place.

Being a tech pro has its perks, and even entry-level positions can garner salaries worth shouting about. So take a look at this list we compiled of four cool tech jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago—you might find the perfect career opportunity for you!

4 trendy new jobs making waves in the tech world

1. Growth hacker

The very existence of this job title is wholly in reaction to small startups turning to the web in hopes of promoting and growing their businesses. Companies in decades past have utilized television commercials, print ads and a host of other alarmingly expensive venues to draw in new customers and/or users. Growth hackers attempt to achieve the same surge of success for their companies without the extra cost.

Growth hacking has essentially thrown out the playbook of traditional marketing, instead using tools like emails, pay-per-click ads, blogs and platform APIs. Distribution continues to be the number one hurdle for every startup, so growth hackers utilize analytical thinking, product engineering and creativity to significantly increase traffic and notability for their company’s web presence.

These engineers-turned-marketing-pros possess a keen understanding of the World Wide Web and a creative knack for drawing people in with a litany of skills including HTML/CSS skills, graphic editing, product testing and development, and a general tracking of numbers and qualitative data.

It’s not usually not an accident when something goes viral on the internet—it’s engineered. That’s where growth hackers come in. They are the new VPs in marketing. This blend of marketing and tech skills could make you one of the Mad Men execs of the future.

2. Digital analytics manager

Traditional marketing did not require people who are technologically savvy before the boom of social media, says Shilpa Gauba, social media guru and business professional with KLAS Research. “Social media has become viral and robust,” she says.

"In 10 years, this role will expand to mobile technology, smart watches & smart TV sets." 

Companies are now encountering a great need to fill the position of a digital analytics manager. This tech professional is responsible for creating, monitoring and tracking social media campaigns; implementing tracking codes and analytic codes to both the company’s website and its social media platforms; and staying on top of new tech-world releases and the capacities of these new systems, Gauba says.

“Now, it is important to be a technology geek to be able to understand the media mix and the analytics, which reflect the reach of any campaign in real time,” she says.

The good news is it’s not likely this trend will fizzle out in a few years’ time. “In 10 years, this role will expand to mobile technology, smart watches and smart TV sets. All of these web-based destinations will be managed through one dashboard by one digital analytics manager,” Gauba adds.

This position is likely to be highly coveted for years to come with the rate at which the world of technology and web presence is rapidly expanding.

3. SEO consultant

By this point, everyone’s gotten used to the presence of Google, Yahoo and other popular search engines. It’s become almost instinctual to turn to these sites with inquiries about anything from how to perform your own oil change to a play-by-play of the most recent NCAA basketball game.

What is less common, however, is thinking about the people working behind the scenes. These corporations obviously have their own employees, but their very existence has created a wealth of new job opportunities in the tech world. One of those is that of a search engine optimization (SEO) consultant (also referred to as an SEO specialist).

This person analyzes, reviews and implements shifts in websites to further optimize them for search engine results. With the end goal being to maximize traffic to a company’s page, this position requires a mix of quantitative skills and strategic ingenuity, says Mike LaLonde, digital marketing consultant for Londes Digital Marketing.

“SEO optimization consultants need to take a pragmatic approach to measuring results and planning campaigns while also addressing the creative aspect of finding PR opportunities, communicating with other professionals and executing contact strategies,” LaLonde adds.

You could become a hot commodity in the industry as an SEO optimization consultant by combining your acquired HTML skills, your knowledge of programming language and your general sense of creativity.

4. IT consultant

The need for IT consultants has grown drastically with the emergence of new technology, industry technological migration and the increase of technology-related security threats, says Jacob Lang, a business development professional with Back Bay Networks.

"As technology continues to grow, the need for IT experts will also grow."

Internet-based services have made notable strides in the business world, and thus there is now a need for a person who can serve as a bridge between a client’s tech team and staff members who make use of the technology—that’s what IT consultants are for. 

In broad terms, IT consultants must detect, evaluate and prevent network and computer issues in a business environment. The ability to detect the problems coupled with the knowledge to recommend a solution and effectively communicate the tech issue to the user is what allows IT consultants to usher clients through the full technology life cycle.

What does this look like for the future? Well, according to Lang, every business requires an IT consultant to keep things running smoothly. “As technology continues to grow, the need for IT experts will also grow,” he says.

It’s your turn …

Every year it seems like we’re introduced to new, ground-breaking technological advances. New job opportunities are unfolding before our eyes, yet 68 percent of CIOs admit that it’s not easy to find skilled tech pros to meet their needs. For that reason, they’re often willing to provide a generous salary once they’ve found their ideal candidate. 

Now may be your opportunity to fill that gap, show them everything you have to offer and reap the benefits.

The obvious importance of technology in today’s world makes tech professionals a highly-valued entity in the business world. Read up on the multitude of reasons as to why now is the right time to make this shift.

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