Top 5 Fields to Find Entry-Level IT Jobs


When considering pursuing a new career, you’re bound to be a bit apprehensive. You may be hesitant to invest your time and money into the proper education when there’s no guarantee a job will be waiting for you on the other side.

But if you’re interested in turning your passion for technology into a career, you’re in luck! For individuals hoping to land an entry-level information technology (IT) job, you’ve come to the right place. This article will provide you with everything you need to make an informed decision when it comes time to choose a career.

The truth is, the technology industry is currently one of the most promising and lucrative industries for job-seekers. This is reflected in the optimistic hiring outlook and above average salaries found in IT jobs across the country. As companies increase their investment in technology initiatives, it’s no surprise that demand for IT workers has increased.

In fact, 61 percent of technology executives surveyed admitted that they’re currently attempting to fill open IT positions. So once you’ve equipped yourself with the proper skills and education, the opportunities are abundant.

IT professionals are everywhere

One of the perks of working in IT is that you’re not tied down to one industry. Unlike a librarian or a plumber, you’re able to use your skills in a multitude of different fields.

So if your first entry-level IT job doesn’t live up to your expectations, you can test your skills in a brand new setting without having to earn a brand new degree!

Since IT professionals are needed in nearly every industry, you’ll have a unique opportunity to concentrate on a field that interests you. By conducting some quick research beforehand, you can narrow your focus and begin building a network within your industry of choice.

To make your job a bit easier, we’ve done the dirty work for you. After analyzing more than 13,000 IT jobs posted over the past year, we identified the top five fields to find entry-level IT jobs.*

Top industries hiring IT professionals:

1. Professional, scientific and technical services

Employees in this field work for organizations that provide specialized services for their clients. These are activities that require a high degree of expertise and training such as legal services, scientific and technical consulting or engineering and architectural services.

While all organizations in this field aren’t necessarily technology companies, they all incorporate technical aspects in one way or another, which requires IT personnel to oversee the operations. Some examples of top employers of IT professionals are IBM and H&R Block.

Common entry-level job titles:

Education requirements: Sixty-four percent of jobs openings prefer a candidate with a bachelor’s degree.

2. Transportation equipment manufacturing

Companies that fall under this category produce equipment for transporting people and goods. This includes motor vehicles, aerospace, railroads, boats and other transportation.

These companies utilize computers and heavy machinery that require extremely advanced technology, which is why IT professionals are essential in keeping things running smoothly. Some of the top employers of IT workers in this field are Boeing and Ford Motors.

Common entry-level job titles:

Education requirements: Ninety-eight percent of jobs openings prefer a candidate with at least a bachelor’s degree.

3. Educational services

This field is comprised of establishments that provide instruction or training in a vast assortment of subjects. These may be public or privately owned institutions that operate for profit or not for profit. This includes schools, colleges, universities and training centers, such as Stanford University or Chicago Public Schools.

With technology being integrated in the classroom through the use of tablets, SMART boards and other gadgets, IT professionals are necessary to support these efforts. These days, it’s safe to say that every educational institution has an IT department.

Common entry-level job titles:

Education requirements: Ninety-one percent of jobs openings prefer a candidate with at least an associate degree.

4. Hospitals

Establishments within this field provide medical, diagnostic and treatment services for both inpatients and outpatients. Most services can only be provided using specialized facilities and equipment. Some examples of top hospitals employing IT professionals are Mayo Clinic and Boston Children’s Hospital.

IT professionals are used to support the technical equipment. Nearly every hospital has integrated an electronic system for medical records, resulting in several entry-level IT jobs to help manage and maintain these highly confidential databases.

Common entry-level job titles:

Education requirements: Ninety-two percent of jobs openings prefer a candidate with at least an associate degree.

5. Insurance carriers and related activities

Employees in this field work for companies that provide insurance policies for their clients. This includes the underwriting of insurance policies and selling insurance and other employee-related benefits packages.

These companies use computer networks to store confidential information and records. Because of this reliance on technology, IT professionals are employed to help ensure system security and troubleshoot any issues. Some examples of top insurance companies providing entry-level IT jobs are United Health Group and Liberty Mutual.

Common entry-level job titles:

Education requirements: Ninety-one percent of jobs openings prefer a candidate with a bachelor’s degree.

Be confident in your decision

Now that we helped kick off your journey with a brief breakdown of the top industries for entry-level IT jobs, the choice is yours. If you like the idea of pursuing a career that can provide you with not one, but several job opportunities in the future, then an IT career is a great option for you!

Once you’ve identified an industry in which you’re especially interested, the next step is to learn more about the specific IT job descriptions in the field. But if you’re going to walk away with one piece of information, remember this: with such a promising outlook for IT jobs, you can trade in your feelings of uncertainty for a feeling of confidence.


To learn about other promising careers in technology, download our Technology Career Outlook today!


* (Analysis of 13,497 entry-level IT jobs by industry, Sept. 27, 2012 to Sept. 26. 2013)

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Callie is the Associate Content Marketing Manager at Collegis Education. She oversees all blog content on behalf of Rasmussen College. She is passionate about providing quality content to empower others to improve their lives.

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