How to Turn Your Nook Color into an Android Tablet

Hap Aziz, the Director of the School of Technology & Design at Rasmussen College talks about how to root your Nook Color and turn it into an Android tablet computer. Find the steps to do it on our Facebook Page or watch Hap describe the process on Fox WOFL from a segment aired on 3/31/11.

You can also watch this video and many more on the Rasmussen College YouTube channel.


Reporter: All right, techies and non-techies, are you ready for an Android tablet for under 200 bucks? Better yet, do you have a Nook?

Reporter: A Nook? If not, you may want to get yourself one. We found a way that you can turn your e-book reader into a tablet computer in just under ten minutes. FOX 35's Tiffany Tift with the 411.

Tiffany Tift: Move over tablet computers. It's time to turn your e-book reader into an Android.

Hap Aziz: Now you can see the Android dude coming on here.

Tiffany Tift: That's right, we peeled away the e-book mask on the Nook Color to reveal its inner Internet surfing Android.

First the tools, you'll need a Nook Color tablet.

Hap Aziz: So, we'll go ahead and just turn this on.

Tiffany Tift: A computer, a micro SD card, check your smartphone for that, and an adapter to connect your micro SD card to your computer.

Second, the fix. The process is called rooting. It unlocks Barnes & Noble's proprietary overlay, and it's perfectly legal. The Wall Street Journal even ran an article about rooting the Nook. That's what caught our eye.

Hap Aziz: There's nothing illegal or unethical involved.

Tiffany Tift: Just download the software, save it to your micro SD card, plug it into your Nook.

Hap Aziz: It's lit, it's green, it's good.

Tiffany Tift: And when you turn it on . . .

Hap Aziz: It has e-mail. It has Gmail.

Tiffany Tift: A fully functioning tablet for under 200 bucks that runs on Google's Android platform.

Hap Aziz: You'll be able to download almost any application that they have and use it. You'll be able to use YouTube. You'll be able to use e-mail communications. You'll be able to sync to your Gmail account.

Tiffany Tift: And you can still read Nook e-books, and get this, you have access to Amazon's Kindle e-book content too. But be aware, Barnes & Noble says rooting the Nook invalidates the warranty, and of course it's hardly the same as an iPad or a Zoom. It doesn't have any cameras. It has a slower processor, and the video support is pretty limited.

Hap Aziz: This is the lawn party at South by Southwest. It runs Facebook perfectly well, but for some reason, I could not see the profile pictures. However, I actually would highly recommend this.

Tiffany Tift: Tiffany Tift, FOX35 News.

Reporter: Okay. Well, if you'd like to learn more about rooting the Nook, just go to We'll hook you up.

Weatherman: Sounds fishy though.

Reporter: What do you mean?

Weatherman: It just does.

Reporter: You're a cynic.

Weatherman: Go ahead, go ahead.

Reporter: I'll tell you what doesn't sound so fishy, the weather is getting a little better . . .