What Is Information Systems?

Technology instructor from the Brooklyn Park, MN college campus, Jacob Sorem, answers the question, "What is information systems" in this cool video blog. Watch this clip, and you will find out some useful information about educational opportunities in information systems management and career paths you can take in this field.


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ALLIE:Hi. I'm a Allie Gray Freeland, and I'm the host of Rasumussen College's newest video blog series, "What Should I Do With My Life?" In this series, we'll talk with expert instructors to help answer the question, "What the heck should I do with my life?" So we're here today with Jake Sorem, who is a technology instructor through the School of Technology and Design at Rasmussen College. He's going to share some really important information with us about, really, the educational opportunities in information systems management, and then, really, the career paths one could take in this field.

JACOB: So information systems is basically anything technology-related where you're talking about computers talking to each other. So when you're talking about cell phones, when you're talking about computers in a lab, in a business setting-- anywhere where there's communication going on, you're going to have technology involved. And information systems or information systems management is all about dealing with everything in between, everything from the end user right on through the communication lines to the other end user.

ALLIE: A special thanks to Jacob Sorem for sitting with us today to talk with us about some really important information about the field of information systems management. If this series really sparked an interest for you to want to pursue your degree or even educational opportunities or credentialing for information systems management, please visit www.rasmussen.edu.

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