Rasmussen College Online FAQs

Earning a degree is a big step and deciding if an online degree is right for you shouldn’t be a difficult part of the process. Below are frequently asked questions about the online learning experience, if you still have questions please call 888-5-RASMUSSEN.

  • What types of students earn their degree online?
  • What are online courses like?
  • How much time will it take each week to be successful in my online courses?
  • Do I have to be online at a certain time each day?
  • What's the difference between online and on campus courses?
  • What type of personal support is available?
  • What type of technical support is available?
  • What are the instructors like?
  • How do I communicate with my instructor if I have questions?
  • What kind of computer and software do I need to complete my courses?
  • Do I need to have access to the internet to complete my courses?
  • Will I use traditional textbooks or eTextbooks?
  • How many students are in a typical online class?
  • How do I connect with other online students?
  • Can online students receive financial aid?
  • How do internships work as an online student?
  • Can I attend a graduation ceremony?
  • Will I receive the same diploma as a campus student?
  • Is online right for me?
  • Where can I find more information about enrolling to a degree program?

Rasmussen College online students are just like typical college students. Some students are continuing on directly from high school, others are older students returning to college or starting college for the first time. Many online students have busy schedules which make it difficult to attend class on campus. Others simply live too far from a campus to commute to class, but still want to earn a degree from a regionally accredited college. The reasons students have for earning their degree online vary, but they all have one goal: to earn a respected degree that can help them advance their career.

Rasmussen College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. For more information, call 800-621-7440 or visit hlcommission.org

  • Our online courses provide the same academic quality and content as courses being taught on a Rasmussen College campus.
  • In online classes, students attend courses by accessing the course web page and completing assignments according to the course schedule. We strive to create an interactive and engaging learning environment for our online students with frequent and regular communication with instructors and classmates via email and online discussion forums.
  • Take a peek inside an online course and view an Online Course Demo.

  • The amount of time you need to set aside each week to be successful will depend on how many courses you are taking and your personal learning style. As a general rule, you can expect to work on each course at least five hours per week.
  • Successful Rasmussen College online students set aside time throughout the week to complete their assignments for each course. Earning your degree requires a commitment on many levels, and to be successful, many students approach their courses like a part-time or full-time job.

No, although some courses may have more than one assignment due date scheduled each week, you are not required to login at specific times each day. All students, however, are expected to stay on schedule with the course assignments and login multiple times each week. Some courses have group projects which will require the coordination of schedules among team members.

  • The difference between online and on campus courses is the method of delivery. A Rasmussen College student taking a course online and a Rasmussen College student taking the same course on a campus will receive the same education, but the information is simply delivered in different formats.
  • As an online student, you will also be held to the same academic standards as an on campus student, you will simply enjoy greater flexibility when attending courses.

You will have an entire network of student support advisors to help you along the way. With 24/7 support services, including tutoring and technical assistance, Rasmussen College uses a combination of technology and social networking to offer all students personalized support aimed at degree completion, career advancement, and lifelong learning.

Rasmussen College offers 24/7 technical support, any time of the day or night, any day of the week, by helping with everything from retrieving a lost password to solving an Internet connection problem.

The online faculty at Rasmussen College specializes in online instruction. They bring real-world educational experiences to the classroom, providing students with the most current industry standards and practices.

Instructors are also readily available by phone or email to answer questions and provide direction. Many have scheduled online office hours so students can login and get help with assignments.

  • Most students find that a reliable computer with an adequate high-speed internet connection is sufficient, and they do not need a top-of-the-line computer to complete assignments online.
  • Rasmussen College students are provided software, hardware (when applicable) and course materials needed to complete course work within your program. Costs for these materials are covered in the Course Resources Fee, which is charged per course.

Microsoft Office is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

Yes. Your materials are housed in an online platform for you to access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you must have access to an Internet connection to complete your coursework.

Rasmussen College has transitioned to digital content as the primary delivery method for course materials. While some courses do still utilize physical textbooks, electronic resources and digital content are prevalent in our online courses. Digital content includes eTextbooks, videos, downloadable content sharing, access to interactive libraries and much more. Licensed content is covered under the course technology and resource fee, which is charged per faculty-led course. There is an additional fee of $10 per textbooks for each faculty-led course. See course catalog for the textbook opt-out policy.

  • We have small class sizes ranging from 15-30 students per class, including our online courses.
  • Smaller classes make it easier for you to receive personal attention and support from your instructor, as well as build a strong bond with your classmates.

Meeting other online students at Rasmussen College is easy with our interactive classroom environment and discussion boards. Additionally, Rasmussen College hosts a private community on Facebook that is just for students.

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Yes. Financial Aid is available for those who qualify. There is a financial aid program to suit almost every need, and our financial aid staff works to make the application process as easy to understand and as stress free as possible. They are available to help you identify scholarship opportunities, complete the required paperwork, and help ensure you receive the financial assistance for which you qualify.

Our career services advisors work with you to help find an internship or job that is right for you, regardless of your location. They help you to further develop the skills necessary to present yourself to potential employers in a professional manner, as well as help you build your resume, write a cover letter, and develop your portfolio.

Absolutely! Once you have completed your degree requirements, we invite you to attend a live graduation ceremony and walk across the stage. If you are unable to attend a ceremony, we also offer a virtual graduation to highlight the achievements of our students.

Your diploma will be issued by Rasmussen College and will in no way be differentiated from that of a student attending courses on campus.

Earning a college degree online from Rasmussen College is a great way to broaden your career opportunities without having to travel to campus at specific times to attend courses. Although you can choose when you’ll study, you must be motivated to learn and able to find time in your busy schedule to complete assignments prior to deadlines.

If you are interested in learning more about the online degrees offered by Rasmussen College, please complete our Information Request Form, and we will contact you shortly. To speak with a program manager today, please call 888-5-RASMUSSEN.

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