LeeAnn Andronico, MBA is a Career Services Advisor at Rasmussen College in Tampa/Brandon. She has worked in the field of higher education for over 2 years and has held various sales and management positions in the business side of medicine for over 15 years. Lee Ann has an MBA from Florida Institute of Technology in Management.

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Why you need to Care on November 6, 2012

What are you doing Tuesday, November 6, 2012? I hope you know, and I hope you will have spent the time figuring out what is important to you in this world by the evening of November 5th. Most importantly, I hope you cast your vote for the Presidential candidate of your choice.

Rise to the Top with LinkedIn

If you are not on LinkedIn yet, you need to be. If you are a prospective student, current student, alumni, looking for work or even if you are currently employed, you need to have a LinkedIn profile now.

Why You Need More than a Resume at a Career Expo

Remember your last Career Fair? You probably made 20 copies of your resume, showed up, walked around, met a few people, dropped off some resumes, and waited for calls that never came. Don't feel bad because many people do the same thing. Why? They're not prepared for the day.

Dress for Success: What Exactly Does that Mean?

You hear the term "Dress for Success" often in the business world. You hear it in every field and in every type of career even though not all positions require the same type of dress attire. So, how do you "Dress for Success"? First, make sure you dress appropriate for the job interview

Got Hypergraphia? Let's blog!

Don't have the urge to write? Neither do I, but I can blog even though I don't have hypergraphia. Everyone can do this because everyone has something to say. Hypergraphia, which is simply the overwhelming urge to write, sounds like it would be a useful disorder to have in today's world of blogging

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