10 Reasons '90s Kids Make Great Online Students

growing-up-90sWho can blame us for our fame? We lived in the glory days!

The 1990s were 10 blissful years filled with ingenious Happy Meal prizes like collectible Tarzan straws and hours spent on the front lawn trading Pokemon cards and Pogs with neighbor kids. We witnessed the transformation of technology becoming fun. We passed handwritten notes in class, we appreciated launching Skydancers into the sky and no one could stop us from rushing the dance floor when the Macarena blasted at weddings and school dances.

With a strong and stellar background like this, it’s no wonder that all of these experiences have fully prepared 1990s kids for being great online students today. How do these two things correlate, you ask?

10 ways your '90s childhood has primed you for success as an online student

Look no further—we compiled a list of 10 ways your savvy tips and tricks from the ‘90s have helped jumpstart your quest to become the perfect online scholar.

1. You could fix any Nintendo game by blowing on it

We all knew the secret. If there was a glitch or a never-ending pause, simply pull out the cartridge, blow away the dust and stick it back in the console. If that didn’t work, repeat the previous steps and, like magic, Mario Kart would be up and running again.

Whether or not this ingenious solution actually works scientifically, it proves that ‘90s kids are great at finding creative resolutions to technical problems. This skill will help you master all of the creative formulas, ideas and digital learning tools that you’ll encounter in an online track. This kind of creativity and strategic thinking can also help you rise to the top of an online class forum, grade book and, eventually, a career.

2. You remember this seemingly prehistoric concept: Blockbuster Video

Whether you’ll admit it or not, you actually used to drive several miles down the street just to rent a movie. Not only were you forced to leave the house but you also had to wait a good half an hour from conception of the idea to actually watching the VHS. Nothing magically arrived in your mailbox and nothing streamed instantly on your computer or tablet.

This might be a hard concept for an online student to relate to but there was a time when people actually had to check out books and visit a physical library in order to study and learn. Luckily for you, you’re prepared for these feats due to the patience you cultivated waiting in line at Blockbuster.

3. Your dad had a pager

It was one of the first portable devices available that one could use to contact someone without giving them a call. Your father proudly sported it on his belt knowing that his colleagues could contact him at any moment, and you knew you could as well.

The emergence of email and text messages didn’t faze you one bit after a decade of the pager. Communicating with your professors and fellow classmates online will be a breeze due to all of your quick correspondence experience.

4. “Heads Up, 7 Up” was a favorite game of yours

Nothing compares to the excitement you felt in elementary school when your teacher announced it was time to play “Heads Up, 7 Up.” If you don’t remember how the game is played, we’ll let you Google  the instructions but suffice it to say, the game is quite simple.

When this was the most exciting part of your day it’s easy to understand how you appreciate the little things in life. One of the beauties of being an online student is that you can learn whenever and wherever you want. Hoping to stay in your pajamas today? Great! Watching your professors’ lectures online while sipping a latte in your slippers? No one will ever know!

5. Shadow, Chance & Sassy showed you the true meaning of friendship

This ragtag trio from the movie “Homeward Bound” entertained you, took you on the grandest of adventures and taught you about loyalty, sacrifice, bravery and friendship.

When embarking on the journey of being an online student, not only will you meet like-minded students, but you’ll find yourself on a great adventure that could lead to a career of your own. Great friends and a great job? It doesn’t get much better than that!

6. You used floppy disks to save your schoolwork

You’re from the generation that understands what that little “save” icon actually represents. You also have a more physical and concrete understanding of how critical it is to save your work. You held that magical disk in your hand and knew you could trust it to safeguard all of your important documents.

Are you concerned about losing your work while learning as an online student? Not to worry. You’re a pro at clicking that floppy disk icon and you’ve been saving files and projects for years. Andlet’s be honest, it’s the 21st century … you’ll be using a computer no matter what you end up doing.

7. You owned a Furby

These slightly creepy, robot-like animals were promised to not only respond to you, but they could even interact with each other. What fun! The only downside was when the Furby would make the sound, “Ehhh-ehhh!” from your closet at night, malfunctioning as it asked to be “fed” while simultaneously scaring you to death.

Yes, you’re prepared for anything now. As an online student, you’re equipped to master unique ways of accessing homework assignments and working on group projects online, no matter how strange they might be. You may even have an edge in the technology field with your background in robots!

8. AOL’s dial-up internet sounds are still fresh in your mind

You were prepared to endure the inevitably long wait to access AIM to chat with your friends late at night. As AOL’s dial-up internet clicked, screeched and twanged, you sat patiently and thought about changing your font color or what your away message should say.

With all of that practice, you’ve developed more than enough patience to make you a wonderful online student. School takes time but the pay-off is worth it. If you’re prepared to bite the bullet and take the time you need to pursue the degree you’ve dreamed about, you might discover that it goes even faster than your shrieking dial-up seemed to.

9. You loved see-through phones and blow-up furniture

Some would say you were on the front-lines for innovative thinking. From Tamagotchis to Slip ’N Slides, ‘90s kids had some pretty fun and innovative toys at their fingertips. You spent hours searching for Carmen Sandiego on your computer, your Bop It game made an appearance at all birthday parties and your little sister couldn’t sleep without her Tickle Me Elmo. Let’s be honest, these toys were groundbreaking.

Who’s to say the innovation stops there? It’s clear that the ‘90s generation has evolved into a group of ingenious, forward-thinking adults. As an online student, you’ll have plenty of chances to showcase those inventive, state-of-the-art thought patterns you learned to cultivate. Harnessing the creativity you were exposed to as a child will only give you more opportunities as you study and become a career-minded adult.

10. Nickelodeon & the Disney Channel were YOUR channels

You craved relevant, interesting and entertaining content. You wouldn’t miss “Doug,” “Boy Meets World,” or “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” for anything. And it was always a treat if your parents let you stay up and watch Nick at Nite or TGIF.

While much has changed since the ‘90s, it’s no secret that people still want relevant, engaging information. Whether you dream of becoming a preschool teacher, a computer programmer or a graphic designer, your thirst for quality information will help you in your search to find the online program that’s right for you.

Your future looks bright

Now you know you’ve got what it takes to be a successful online student after that stroll down memory lane. Online programs have been tailored for innovative individuals just like you and you have your 1990s upbringing to thank for that.

Want to learn more? Take a look at the online degree programs that Rasmussen College offers and get started creating new memories, meeting new people and making your future decades as bright as the ‘90s!

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