Staying Healthy As a Student

I am exhausted already and finals are not even over yet. I have also started working in a new position where I have 10, 11, and 12 hours shifts at work. Ugh…I am worn out! I am normally pretty strong when it comes to running on low fuel, but it seems the older I get the quicker I run out of fuel. I definitely cannot survive on little sleep like I did a few years ago. I needs at least seven hours of sleep or I am spent.

After looking into a few things, we tend to get busy with life and drop all aspects of taking good care of our health. (Well at least that is what has happened to me.) I have been so overwhelmed with school, planning a wedding, getting married and work that I lost time to take care of myself. I haven’t worked out in almost eight months, I eat on the go and my body is getting weak. So how can I change this? Well, to start, I need to eat better, and I need to get in the gym at least three times a week. This will give me the extra energy I need to get through the day energy and allow my brain to function at optimal performance. I will say this…I am not a junk or fast food eater (which is good), but it doesn’t mean I am healthy either. I am not the best at eating my vegetables or drinking plenty of water—both of which happen to be the best nourishment for nutrition. Vegetables are brain food, and when taking part in getting my online college degree we need all the brain food we can get. Water is a must for your body to function and breakdown toxins – key to survival.

tips for staying healthy as a student

Check out these foods that give you brainpower and the energy you need to succeed:

  • Avocados – These green, egg-shaped fruits help your body block absorption of bad fats (cholesterol)
  • Beets – This crimson power foods contain several disease-fighting phytonutrients, which guard against birth defects, colon cancer, and osteoporosis
  • Cruciferous vegetables (including cabbage and cauliflower) – powerful disease fighters.
  • Blueberries – Blueberries contain high levels of antioxidants, and protects the heart muscle from damage
  • Dark, leafy greens – Excellent source of iron (important for women) and omega 3’s, these dark greens are great for the body
  • Whole grains – High in magnesium and vitamin B, whole grains are not only brimming with nutrients but also helps us sustain high levels of energy
  • Miso – Contains vitamin B12 and Zinc, which helps immune system function properly
  • Turmeric – A digestive aid and wound healer
  • Walnuts – Reduces inflammation in arteries, vitamin E, and antioxidants

It is also important to exercise regularly. Working out 20 minutes a day is better than not working out at all—and most people can’t even do that. I have been having a hard time lately doing this, but I am committed to improvement. There are several things to do like brisk walking, jogging, or even home workout videos to get in the suggested amount of daily physical activity. If you have the money to spend join a gym or yoga classes. I have decided after careful review to start taking Bikram Yoga classes. If you have not heard of this it is yoga performed for 90 minutes in a room set at 106 degrees. It is going to clean me from the inside out. It’s great for the skin and detoxifying your body. There are testimonials the world over suggest this yoga eases the symptoms of a range of maladies- depression, diabetes, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia, migraines, arthritis, and heart disease. And, to top it off, this type of yoga tones your body. These are all great things to get your body off in the right direction.

I know you are asking how am I going to fit this into my busy schedule, and trust me, I am asking myself the same question. However, I have to find time for my body and my health. If I do not start taking care of myself now- I am not only hurting myself, but I am hurting my family. I am not in this world alone so I have to think of the future.

Well…Hopefully next week I will be sharing a post about my first day at yoga class. In the meantime, please share your knowledge on health and exercise with me. I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences!

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Michele Reed is a student at Rasmussen College, pursuing her online Business degree through the School of Business. She currently lives in Florida, spends her time juggling her personal life with her busy life as a full-time student and worker.

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