Why I Am Here At Rasmussen College, A Student Story

"Why I am here?" That is a question that I asked myself many times. I am in here at Rasmussen College - back at school - because I have a goal that I want to fulfill in my life. As a business woman, I want to give my best to my family and my business. My reason to go to college is not only to have a piece of paper saying what kind of degree I had. But rather to learn and give to others what I learned through my studies.

Taking this step was a huge challenge because after years being out of school is like starting over again. But, the good part is that I know that as soon I finish, I can sit down and say, "It was worth it." I had many challenges one of them was going back to school after so many years. My second challenge is the language barrier, since English is my second language. In some way it is very difficult for me to translate or understand the language used during lectures and coursework; however, it was and that is a challenge that I overcame very fast.

college-graduatesI know something - when I have a goals in my life, the language really doesn’t matter, what matters is that I have a purpose and that I am going to finish what I started, and be successful in the process. I didn’t give up so easily. There is more to reach, there's more to complete.  Sometimes we put walls in front of us - wall of impediments that we put ourselves in front. Let's move forward and finish what we started. 

For those new students; don’t give up. Because, yes; they will be difficult moments that are going to come. But, that doesn’t mean that you cannot defeat it. If I made it even when English is my second language you can do it as well.  

About the Author: This article was written by Joanna Villaneuva, student at the Rasmussen College - Fort Myers, FL college campus.

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