100 Apps for Teachers


Are you a teacher now or studying to become one in the future? Have you been looking for a handy list of digital apps that will help you organize your life inside and outside the classroom?

Well, you have come to the right place.

With the world around us becoming more technologically advanced every day, developers are creating apps designed specifically to make your life as an educator easier.  

Check out our 100 helpful apps below!

If you’re pressed for time or you simply don’t want to scroll through them all, click on the category you are looking to skip ahead to:

Classroom Learning

1. 4 Dice: Fraction Games

“The goal of the game is to hit the target by working backwards Jeopardy style by giving the answer first. For teachers, one major benefit of using this game is that it provides immediate feedback of their students' progress via email.”

- Justin Holladay, math teacher and game developer.

Download: iOS

2. 5 Dice: Order of Operations

“The game encourages students to use higher order thinking to solve the ‘target’ number by working backwards given the answer but not the equation. The best feature about this simple math game is that teachers are able to receive immediate feedback of their students’ progress through email.”

- Justin Holladay

Download: iOS

3. Animation Studio

This app is for students and teachers interested in art and the benefits that can come from creating something original. Students can create short films with animation and upload to YouTube, where their work can be viewed and shared with the people they choose.

Download:  iOS

4. Bubble Math

“Allows kids to practice math facts in an engaging way. Included in the free version are the beginner, easy, and medium levels with addition, and the beginner subtraction level. I use the ‘level complete’ screen as a signal for kids working independently in centers to check in with me, as it shows the score.”

- Carrie Sorensen, first grade teacher and blogger.

Download: Android and iOS

5. Collins Big Cat

“This app is excellent for emerging readers. There is an option to listen then record your voice reading the words, which is great for students practicing fluency and expression, or for teachers who want to assign this as an independent activity to check later."

- Carrie Sorensen

Download: iOS

6. Digital Leaf

“The app has an incredibly engaging interface mixed with quality original content. It's hard to tear your eyes away from the visually stunning books and interactive games."

- Carrie Sorensen

Download: Android and iOS

7. DoInk Animation and Drawing

“The DoInk Animation and Drawing app is a creative learning app and is simple to use to do a quick doodle and yet can create sophisticated Flash-like animations and vector drawings. The app is great for students to ‘Show What They Know’ in math, science, English and storytelling.”

- Karen Miller, co-founder of DoInk.

Download: iPad and iOS

8. Domino-KIDS-Calculations

“This is an app for practicing missing addend problems. It has a high range of variability with difficulty, [and it] allows a student to save sheets and even share them via email.”

- Carrie Sorensen.

Download: iOS

9. Futaba Classroom Games

“A multi-player game designed for children in K-5 classrooms to help them review a large variety of curriculum they ordinarily encounter. Up to four students can engage in friendly competition and learn using just one iPad. Each player takes a seat around a single iPad and races to match an image or word problem to a choice of four answers in front of them.”

- Dave Wingler, product support for INKids.

Download: iOS

10. Grammer Jammers

“It matches catchy tunes with grammar rules and topics. I’ve shown these videos during whole class lessons and also had kids work with them on their own.”

- Carrie Sorensen

Download: iOS

11. I Like Books

Includes 37 different books in one app. The subject matters range from colors, animals and family to outdoors, shapes and cars. These books are for children 0-6 years old, and include vivid and interactive imagery to accompany the story.

Download: iOS

12. Kid’s Zone

“With iPhone’s touch feature, kids can draw and doodle with the maximum ease. The stencils feature teaches them about shapes and also helps kids to perfect their art. Every parent like me would always want our kids to watch kid friendly videos only. The kids’ video feature in Kid’s Zone will save parents lots of headaches to know that their kids are only watching videos that are perfect for their age.”

- Fathima Zishan, managing director of Motion 9 Studios.

Download: iOS

13. Math Series

“It stands out because of the simplicity of the preferences. It's easy to differentiate, and is packed with positive reinforcements.”

- Carrie Sorensen

Download: iOS

14. Native Numbers

Inspired by research from Harvard and MIT, this app offers a complete curriculum to help early learners develop a number sense. It is designed to engage with children and minimize distractions. In addition, the app has more than 25 engaging activities to develop an understanding of core mathematics concepts.

Download: iOS

15. Ollie’s Handwriting and Phonics

“The app helps young children improve fine motor and handwriting skills as well as introduce, reinforce, and solidify letter and sound recognition. The app has three sections: Capital Letters, Lowercase Letters and Words. Teachers can use the application to demonstrate how to form letters during handwriting lessons, or how to pronounce letter sounds during phonics lessons.”

- Meaghan Fitzgerald, kindergarten teacher and designer.

Download: iOS

16. Pencils, Words & Kids

“It organizes the writing process, captures the prompts I have developed in the trenches, and is a big help in working with a classroom of students whose imaginations and work each require one-on-one attention and feedback. Teachers spend a lot of time repeating themselves, and the content of the app is a great way to reinforce the messages of the lessons - slow it down.”

- Lisa Annelouise Rentz, teaching artist at ARTworks.

Download: Android and iOS

17. Preschool University

“People have an array of apps that work through a variety of phonics phases.  Though every app doesn't have differentiation abilities, I have found ABC Spelling Magic and ABC Magic apps that meet the specific needs of my students.”

- Carrie Sorensen

Download: iOS


“Kids can match colors, shapes, and numbers together. They can trace shapes on the drawing board in their choice of colors, or simply draw freely. Teachers can use SHAPES+ on an iPad with one or a group of children to reinforce color, shape, and number lessons.”

- Jaq Andrews, Zco Corporation.

Download: iOS

19. Socratica

Includes 19 different educational categories covering subjects from Greek mythology, geography, art, math, architecture and spelling. There is always something to learn!

Download: Android

20. Tell Time – Little Matchups

“For those who are struggling with identifying analog clock times. This simple interface makes it easy to quickly make sure each student is on exactly the right level of difficulty, and also allows them to work independently or in a partnership.”

- Carrie Sorensen

Download: iOS

21. Vimeo

“I like vimeo because I can create a ‘class’ with just my students where we share work in video format. A student could post videos of themselves giving a speech, and I can share lectures with my students. It’s private; I have the ability to comment to the entire class or to an individual student.”

- Dr. Regina Luttrell, assistant professor of public relations and social media at Eastern Michigan University.

Download: iOS, Android and Windows

22. UpToDate

“Several studies have documented the impact of UpToDate (UTD) on medical education and continual learning among trainees and clinicians. Teachers have the ability to instantly refresh their memory around a clinical topic while they are at the bedside. Trainees can have access to prepare for teaching rounds and review educational materials in the context of real patients.”

- Peter Bonis, chief medical officer at Wolters Kluwer Health and UpToDate.

Download: iOS, Android and Windows 8

23. Word Ball

“This is a great app for those who may have a little more confidence with word building. Students get to use the letters available to create words of their choosing for points, more of which are awarded for challenging words.”

- Carrie Sorensen

Download: iOS


Communication Tools

1. Audioboo

Create, record, and share audio files with your friends and family. In a teaching setting, this app is perfect if you are looking to record a lesson plan idea, a brainstorming session or meeting with colleagues.

Download: Android, BlackBerry (coming soon), iOS and Windows

2. Blackboard Mobile Learn

Link to your Dropbox account so teachers and students can easily manage and share course documents. In addition to Dropbox integration, you can view grades, create and administer tests, send notifications and announcements, host a discussion, post and access content from class, blog, view class members and create and manage tasks.

Download: iOS, Android, Blackberry and WebOS

3. Bonfyre

A private networking app that creates clubs, sports, and study groups, and improves parent-to-teacher communication. “Bonfyre provides an intimate, private level of connection between a student's daily classroom activity and their parents that cannot be achieved through other social networks or content platforms. This has opened up the lines of communication between parents and their children in beneficial ways that we could not have anticipated.”

- Raymond Gobberg, co-founder and director of communications at Bonfyre.

Download: Android and iOS

4. Celly

Lets anyone create a cell – groups, individuals, organizations – for group communication. Functions include exchanging messages with others, polling, alerts and reminders. Teachers can use this app for study groups, clubs, sports teams, field trips, news and reminders for their students.

Download: Android and iOS

5. Conduit Mobile

A product that allows for creation and development of various school-related apps. “Apps created using Conduit Mobile can include special features that are specifically useful for the education segment. A school's app can offer notifications and the latest updates on school-related and class-specific news and events. Apps can even include a bully-reporting feature that enables users to detail incidents of bullying in the classroom, schoolyard, or cyber-bullying.”

- Liat Karpel Gurwicz, director of marketing at Conduit Mobile.

Download: Android, iOS and Windows (coming soon)

6. Color Note

A notepad with the ability to take a note, write a memo, send an email and create a shopping list or to-do list. What sets it apart? You can organize your notes by color, add a checklist, sync with your calendar, password lock, search, share and backup your files securely.

Download: Android and Amazon

7. Engrade

Supports all-in-one communication between students, teachers and parents. With the ability to access the app anywhere, teachers can communicate attendance, grades, seating charts, messages and future assignments all from their smartphone, tablet or computer.

Download: Android and iOS

8. Google Drive

“Offers an excellent Smartphone app that allows me all the same functionality of the web interface from my phone. I can read, edit or upload documents, presentations and images.”

-Jennifer Kirsch, English teacher and blogger.

Download: Android and iOS

9. Gmail

With over 2GB of space, label creators, search, signatures, rich-text formatting and so much more, this app is great for sharing content and for teachers who need an email with multiple capabilities.

Download: Android and iOS

10. Instagram

“This app is a terrific housing place for all your pictures and gives people the ability to find your Instagram account and see your pictures if you wish.  You could create a classroom profile and allow kids and parents to follow that profile of things happening during the school year.”

- Brent Catlett, instructional technology teacher, Cat’s Chronicles.

Download: Android and iOS

11. KMail

Provides a safe environment for children to send and receive emails. The app allows students to check their email via mobile tablets or smartphones when they’re on-the-go, at school or around the house. The unique part of this app is that all email is monitored by teachers through email. When a message is received, the email goes straight to the teacher for approval, if the teacher declines the message, the student never sees the email.

Download: Android and iOS

12. Moodle

An online education management platform. Features of the app include recording audio files (private or public), class roster for courses, messaging to class members, sync with address book, and downloadable files for offline viewing.

Download: iOS

13. OneNote

A note-taking app for capturing all of your ideas, thoughts, and to-do’s while you’re on-the-go. Use OneNote to create a note with bullet points, pictures, text or a checkbox to-do list. Additionally, sync your notes for free with Microsoft SkyDrive online storage.

Download: Android, iOS and Windows

14. Pages

A word processing app for iOS devices. The app connects to all iOS devices via cloud-based storage software and syncs platforms so you can view, edit and create documents wherever you go. Also choose from 16 different templates to create a document.

Download: iOS

15. Panopto

"Panopto's mobile application allows educators to easily record any content – from entire lectures to small class updates – from their iPhone. With just a few clicks, their recordings are immediately uploaded and stored in a secure online video library, where students can view them instantly using any device.”

- Ari Bixhorn, marketing vice president at Panopto.

Download: iOS

16. QuickOffice

“Allows me to edit documents from my phone. I use this constantly, whether to email a copy of last night's assignment to a student while I'm on the move, or to update grade books and reading questions whenever a great idea strikes. These three apps increase my productivity and ensure that I can tie up any loose ends no matter where I am.”

- Jennifer Kirsch

Download: Android and iOS

17. Remind101

Send out bulk SMS messages (one way messaging) to students and parents. This app is great for reminding parents and students of any upcoming tests, homework, projects or field trips.

Download: Android and iOS

18. Skype

“I love Skype to bring in guest speakers. I am not shy about asking really big companies (IBM, Zappos among so many others) to Skype with my students to share their knowledge on a particular subject matter. Say there was an expert in London. I know I’d never be able to afford to bring that person to my campus, but with Skype I can for free. It eliminates geographic boundaries as well as financial constrictions.”

- Dr. Regina Luttrell, assistant professor of public relations and social media at Eastern Michigan University.

Download: Android, iOS and Windows

19. Snapseed

“This app is awesome for manipulating and having fun with pictures you have taken or brought into your camera roll. It has many different choices to take an existing picture and make it something spectacular! These pictures could then be easily shared to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook or put it in a blog post.”

- Brent Catlett

Download: Android and iOS

20. Wordpress

“This goes beyond teaching about blogging. WordPress can create a participative learning community. The community is made up of your class, but also others within the larger community. Conversations about course material can be shared on a larger platform and with many others. With the ability to share links, videos, and articles the information is so rich.”

- Dr. Regina Luttrell

Download: Android, Blackberry, iOS, Nokia, WebOS and Windows

Personal Organization

1. 1Password

“Keeps track of all of my passwords so that I can log into websites and programs quickly. With so many accounts between my work and personal life, 1Password makes it easy to generate and store highly secure passwords so that my personal and student information stays private.”

- Jennifer Kirsch, English teacher and blogger.

Download: Android and iOS

2. Any.DO

A to-do list app that helps you to remember things that need to get done. Whether the task needs to be done today, tomorrow, this week or later, you have the option to set the time limit and due date. Bonus: personalize the task with an alarm, a phone number (which actually calls the person listed) or place in a folder.

Download: Android and iOS

3. Air Sharing

Works with several different file formats including iWork, Microsoft Office, PDF, RTF, movies, audio, images and more, and stores this information through an external hard drive or cloud storage. View your documents on-the-go or print documents wirelessly. This app is a huge time saver for those who are constantly on the go.

Download: iOS

4. Dragon Dictation

Use your voice to create email messages or send text messages. You can also dictate your updates for social networks or send reminders to yourself. The app will also, over time, adapt to the distinct sound of your voice.

Download: Android and iOS

5. Dropbox

“Provides cloud storage for all of my files, and I can access them from my work computer, personal computer, iPad or iPhone. I store both personal and work files on Dropbox, and they automatically sync in the cloud, so no matter which device I am using I can open my most recent versions.”

- Jennifer Kirsch

Download: Amazon, Android, Blackberry and iOS

6. Evernote

Allows you to track notes from brainstorming or idea sessions with colleagues. You can also record voice memos, write to-do lists and notes. If you don’t remember your phone, no problem, Evernote is also accessible from your computer!

Download: Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows

7. Flipboard

View all your favorite news and social media updates together in one app. All news information from this app is cleverly put together in a magazine-style news format.

Download: Android and iOS

8. iBrainstorm

Draw a quick doodle and write a note with this app. By using color, sticky notes and your own handwriting, this app has what you need to get all the notes down for that next great classroom idea.

Download: iOS

9. iGrader – Pocket Grade Calculator

Get rid of your old grade and download the fastest and easiest way to track grades! By selecting the number of questions from a test, this app will automatically update any mistakes or incorrect answers, as well as provide a full list of possible grades.

Download: Android and iOS

10. Instapaper

Download articles or look for your favorite web pages without an Internet connection.  You can also adjust fonts and text sizes and find words with the built-in English dictionary. Additionally, sync with other devices and download up to 500 articles at a time!

Download: Android and iOS

11. iTeacherBook

Lets you plan and track your own schedule as well as student courses and attendance. It can also create and send assignments for your students, grade student progress, create reports and export and schedule events.

Download: iOS

12. Learnist

“I use the app on my iPhone and iPad to work with students on specific content review, to watch relevant videos, and to access a carefully selected grouping of materials.”

- Carrie Sorensen, first grade teacher and blogger.

Download: iOS

13. Mindjet

Enter ideas, tasks, and meeting notes and produce visual maps to help you organize concepts and prioritize the to-do lists of everyday life. Additionally, sharing these maps will allow you to collaborate with coworkers.

Download: Android and iOS

14. OmniFocus

Quickly capture your thoughts with this actionable to-do list app. It will capture miscellaneous to-do items from your email, organize tasks and sync with other devices so you will always have that list with you when you’re on the go.

Download: iOS

15. Penultimate

This handwriting app syncs with Evernote to give you the natural experience of writing on paper, but with your iOS device. Take notes, sketches, and ideas with you or use it in the convenience of your home or office.

Download: iOS

16. Pocket

Save any content you discovered during the day to a specific folder. What if you’re offline? No worries, with this app you can still view content saved in offline mode. Perfect for those who are always busy or traveling!

Download: Android and iOS

17. Remember the Milk

With this app you can sink your to-do lists with almost any other mobile or web service you use, including Outlook, iCal, Gmail, Google Calendar, Siri, Twitter and more! As a teacher, you’ll never forget that to-do list again.

Download: Android and iOS

18. SeatCharter

Helps you organize your classroom by creating seating arrangements with a grid-like format, customized backgrounds and a randomizer. Also included is AirPrint support and exporting capabilities.  

Download: iOS

19. TeacherKit

A digital teachers assistant, this app allows you to add notes and view student, attendance, courses, lesson plans, behavior notes and more. With this much organization, think of all of the free time you’ll have!

Download: iOS

20. Teachers Pay Teachers

A marketplace for teachers that lets you buy, sell and share teaching resources. Whether you need to get rid of something or you would like to make some money on old course materials, this app helps you find other teachers to purchase materials, track sales and add items to your wish list.

Download: iOS

21. Things

With this easy-to-use task manager, you’ll be organized in no time. Start by entering your to-do lists, and discover how to become more productive with your time. You can also sync this app with your computer so you never miss out on what to do next.

Download: iOS

22. WiFi File Transfer

Upload or download multiple files at a time from your phone or tablet. Also view photos or delete, rename, copy, zip and unzip files with the built-in file manager – all without a USB cable. Just be sure you’re using a secure wireless connection.

Download: Android



1. Art Authority

Find great works of art wherever you are! This app provides access to more than 60,000 works of art from over 1,000 different artists right at your fingertips including Gothic, Baroque, Modern, American art and more. Save and share your favorite images of your favorite pieces of art.

Download: iOS

2. Articles for iPhone

A Wikipedia reader app for any of your digital devices. With this app, read whatever may be looming in your mind, learn about a topic or look up a historic event with the tap of your finger. 

Download: iOS

3. BookLeveler

A scan and search tool for books. Scan ISBNs for reading level, grade, curriculum and more. Also help other teachers by sharing your thoughts on the books and the information contained in the app.

Download: iOS

4. Brainscape

Learn quickly about several different subjects with these smart flashcards. Create your own flashcards or work on subjects you want to learn more about.  Brainscape helps to optimize your studying and learning time.

Download: iOS

5. Chrome

“My preferred web browser, and while it's not my phone's default browser, there's an excellent app to download. I use Chrome for [quick research] or to search images.”

- Jennifer Kirsch, English teacher and blogger.

Download: Android and iOS

6. Common Core Standards

A great reference point for students, parents and teachers on the core standards of any grade or subject. This app includes k-12 standards for math and language arts.

Download: Android and iOS

7. Dictionary.com

Provides up-to-date definitions of English words, thesaurus suggestions, audio definitions, sentence examples, spelling suggestions, abbreviations and more.

Download: Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows

8. eduPort

An online video hub for viewing educational videos from the most popular YouTube channels. As a user, you can download videos for offline viewing, sort through categorized and channel videos and save links to your favorite videos.

Download: Android

9. Encyclopedia Britannica

Includes more than 80,000 articles, images, diagrams and charts on U.S. presidents, scientists and other historical figures. You can also browse topics, research historical events and store your favorite documents.

Download: iOS and Windows

10. Goodreads

Connect with your family, friends and colleagues with this book-based networking app. Save your favorite books, make lists of your must-reads, share and read reviews on books and track your reading progress.

Download: Android and iOS

11. Google Maps

Lost on a school field trip? No worries! Type in where you want to go with this app and the app will automatically find your location and direct you your destination. It provides information via walking directions, bus directions or driving directions.

Download: Android and iOS

12. Google Voice

“Gives you one phone number that you can use to make outgoing calls from and forward incoming calls to any phone. The app's voicemail inbox transcribes your voice messages so that you can preview them at a glance. I think all administrators should be using this!”

- Brent Catlett, instructional technology teacher, Cat’s Chronicles.

Download: Android and iOS

13. Khan Academy

Covers several topics in education including math, science, finance, humanities and history along with test preparation tools. Learn at your own pace, and learn what you’re interested in with over 3,500 videos available in the palm of your hand.

Download: Android, iOS, Nokia, WebOS and Windows

14. Merriam Webster Dictionary & Thesaurus

Brings you the ability to use your voice to search for synonyms, antonyms, example sentences, words of the day and any word you want to define.

Download: Android, iOS and Windows

15. TED

With technology playing a prominent role in our classrooms today, this video gallery will help demonstrate different methods of learning for students. Hook up your mobile device to a projector or monitor and show your class educational talks on from experts on almost any subject.

Download: iOS, Android and Windows

16. Twitter

Find and follow your friends, colleagues or those that you admire through this social network. “The Twitter app is great! It is very well organized and easy to use and in my opinion the best app for Twitter.”

- Brent Catlett

Download: Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Nokia and Windows

17. Wikihood

Full of all the information from Wikipedia and more! This app knows the answers to many of your questions like, Is there a museum or church nearby? The app scrapes information from Wikipedia to provide credible results.

Download: Android and iOS

18. 2013 World Factbook

The complete CIA World Factbook in the palm of your hand. This app provides information on more than 250 countries and locations throughout the world. With country flag descriptions, color maps, government information, economy stats and transportation information, you’ll always be informed about what’s going on in the world!

Download: iOS

19. WolframAlpha

Collects facts, measurements, calculations and more. Find information like the nutritional information of your meal, the measurement for a design, or the facts surrounding a historical event.

Download: Android and iOS


Teaching Tools

1. ClassDojo for Teachers

Helps teachers improve classroom behavior. High school math teacher Mike Durant says, “In 15 years of teaching, I have never had more students complete assignments and have less classroom [disciplinary issues].” Use this app to track homework assignments, test scores and classroom management techniques.

Download: Android and iOS

2. Educreations

“If you are an educator that is interested in creating supplemental material for your students to use outside of the classroom, Educreations is a great app. Educreations is an effective tool for creating content for online classes. Additionally, the app is very user friendly and priced competitively.”

- Eric Clark, Founder of Quincy Tutor Network.

Download: iOS

3. Explain Everything

“A robust whiteboard that affords the content creator the ability to upload directly to YouTube. It can be utilized by educators to create content that is consumable outside of the classroom. This application is ideal if you are an educator that is interested in creating supplemental material for your students to use outside of the classroom.”

- Eric Clark

Download: iOS

4. Google Translate

Translates words and phrases from more than 65 different languages. Features include: translate by speaking; word pictures with translations; speech-to-speech translation; and dictionary results.

Download: Android and iOS

5. iResponse PRO Classroom Responder System

Allows for student-teacher interaction during live lectures and classroom lessons for an instant interactive learning experience. Teachers can create a question within the app and receive responses via the app. This tool also helps with tracking student participation and progress.

Download: iOS

6. Jump Desktop

A remote desktop app that allows you to securely connect to any computer in the world.

Download: Android and iOS

7. Kindle

“Helps me quickly access novels I might be teaching even if I don't have a hard copy on hand. I can take notes or highlight important passages, which makes searching for a particular chunk of text easier.” 

- Jennifer Kirsch, English teacher and blogger.

Download: Android, iOS and Windows

8. Nearpod

Syncs with your student’s iOS device to manage the content they are viewing. You can also share the content you are presenting with your students or colleagues through this app for collaboration purposes.

Download: iOS

9. Pandora

“Great for playing some kid-friendly music during down time in my classroom. When we are cleaning out cubbies, organizing materials or drawing, I like to play Pandora because I never have to worry about an accidental curse word showing up in a track and my students love to sing along.”

- Jennifer Kirsch

Download: Android, BlackBerry and iOS

10. Phoster

“Allows you to create your own poster.  It has a gallery to choose from as well or you can create new from a variety of templates and it will allow you to annotate over with words.  These images could then be inserted into blog posts, websites, or social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.”

- Brent Catlett, instructional technology teacher, Cat’s Chronicles.

Download: iOS

11. Presentation Note

Easily transfer your lectures onto an iPad and use Presentation Note to teach. This app eliminates the need for a laptop and adds interactivity with features like whiteboard and laser pointer.

Download: iOS

12. Prezi

Create, edit, present and share your presentations or “prezis” anywhere. This app lets you customize your prezis and inspire others with your creative approach to learning and sharing information!

Download: iOS

13. Quizlet

Learn your own way with this studying app – whether through flashcards, matching and racing games or a test – this app helps you learn it all before the next big test. You can also develop and create flashcards or quick quizzes for your students.

Download: iOS

14. Scan

“This is a very nice app that allows you to scan QR codes quickly and easily. Maybe your students are having a QR Scavenger Hunt and you can use this for that! It keeps a history of things you scanned which comes in handy for many uses.”

- Brent Catlett

Download: Android, iOS and Windows

15. Sibme

A private video app used for collaboration with teachers. Use the app to record a teaching lesson and share with colleagues for feedback. “The app is designed to make professional development easier. Great students deserve great teachers and Sibme will help make that a reality,”

- David Wakefield, co-founder of Sibme.

Download: iOS

16. Socrative

“Empowers teachers to engage students with discussion prompts, games and other educational exercises. All of these activities are facilitated through a medium that students enjoy using, and the app allows for instant feedback.”

- Josh Waldron, social studies teacher and blogger.

Download: Android and iOS

17. Stick Pick

Eliminates the need for Popsicle stick names and ensures you select students equally to answer questions. This digital app ensures that you are giving time to each student to answer questions from three different levels of learning: Bloom’s mode, Bloom’s revised and ESL. Once the level is selected, you can select a stick (a student) and choose a question for them to answer.

Download: Amazon, Android and iOS

18. TweetDeck

“Helps me easily manage my Twitter feed. I tweet from both a personal account as well as a class account, in which my English students compose tweets. With Tweetdeck, I can quickly tweet an image of a great field trip or class activity as its happening.”

- Jennifer Kirsch

Download: Chrome, iOS and Windows


Not quite yet a teacher, but still looking for great apps to get you started? Check out our 50 Apps for College Students. Be sure to also check out the 2013 Career Guide to Education for salary, location and job information about careers in education. 

Did you find an app you like? Tell us in the comments below how you plan to use it in your current or future classroom.


External links provided on Rasmussen.edu are for reference only. Rasmussen College does not guarantee, approve, control, or specifically endorse the information or products available on websites linked to, and is not endorsed by website owners, authors and/or organizations referenced.

Kendall Bird is an Online Community Specialist for Rasmussen College. With her Bachelor’s degree in public relations and a passion for social media, she enjoys writing motivating and enthusiastic blog content to encourage future, current and former students to learn more about their discipline of study. Kendall’s ultimate goal is to generate a positive community through blogging to promote learning and change lives.

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