Top 5 Life Events for Students to Highlight

Facebook rolled out its new timeline profile features, and one of the new elements is the ability to post a “life event”.  You can now go back and highlight key moments in your life. How cool is that?  The options for these life events range from your traveling experiences, relationships, education, marriage, and more.  As past, current, or future students, I wanted to help you highlight which educational achievements you should add to your profile.  These life events are important steps in your life that deserve special recognition on your profile.

Life Events for Students to Highlight on Facebook

1. High School Graduation

A major life event that you should highlight on your profile is your high school graduation. Include a picture of yourself surrounded by your high school friends to help keep those memories alive.

How To: From your profile page, click Life Event.  Select Work & Education and choose New School. Input your information, check the graduated box and save the event for it to publish onto your timeline to share with your friends.

2. Accepted Into College

Finding the best place to continue your educational career after high school is a big deal. Whether this happened right after high school or 20 years later, highlighting this step in your life toward a brighter future deserves recognition.

How To: From your profile page, click Life Event.  Select Travel & Experiences, choose Achievement or Award, and describe this moment. Save it to your timeline, with a picture of your acceptance letter to highlight this event.

3. First Day of College

Many of us remember how excited we and our parents were on our first day of kindergarten. For some, that excitement turns into nerves as you enter college for the first time, but that’s okay.  Highlight this day to remember that feeling of being nervous yet eager to take the first steps onto earning your college degree.

How To: From your profile page, click Life Event.  Select Work & Education and choose New School.  Select college and type in the name of your school.  Make sure to upload a picture of yourself in college to celebrate this big step in your life.

4. Academic Awards

These awards may vary based on your academic experiences. Showcase awards such as making the Dean’s List, a 4.0 GPA, or something similar.  Any academic award that you would highlight on your LinkedIn profile you should also show off here.

How To: From your profile page, click Life Event.  Select Travel & Experiences, choose Achievement or Award. Customize this event by typing in the description of your achievement.  Including a picture of your certificate and be proud of all of the hard work that you put into earning that award.

5. College Graduation

One of the most valuable assets that you will receive in your lifetime is your college degree. Once you have earned the distinction of a college graduate no one can ever take that away from you. Highlighting this achievement on your profile is a must.  You are on your way toward a brighter future and an exciting career! 

How To: From your profile page, find your life event of the first day of college (see #3).  Click edit input the date and check the graduation box. This will then give you 2 life events for starting and finish school. Input your concentration and story about your college experience; be sure to include a graduation ceremony picture.

What other major educational milestones would you highlight?

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