Don't Love Your Current Position? Go Back to School for Better Opportunities

Have you been stuck in the same career for a number of years? Does going to work feel more like a chore than a thrill? Why not consider going back to school to get on that career path you've always wanted? Luckily, it's never been easier to pursue your true passions.

It may seem scary for some to branch out into an entirely new field, especially if you're a bit older, but now may be the time to seize the day. After all, you spend much of your life working, so why not improve your overall happiness and go after a career you really want?

According to Seattle Times, half of women 55 and older who are looking for work have been unemployed for at least 27 weeks. It also turns out that many of these women have decided to start looking into new careers, considering they now had the freedom to take a number of classes towards a new profession.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider returning back to school as an adult student:

1. Career Advancement

Across industries, it is shown that higher education can contribute to higher earnings. Studying for a Bachelor's degree within the healthcare industry may be one of the best ways to earn a competitive salary after college (National Association of Colleges and Employers' Winter Salary Survey). For instance, those who consider a Practical Nursing degree may eventually be hired in nursing homes or in hospitals. A Healthcare Management degree is another career choice that gives you the tools to work in a number of different facilities, like hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, at-home care facilities or even for health care companies.

Of course, there are plenty of other options out there. For example, an Marketing and Sales degree can offer you plentiful job opportunities (with the right skill set), as those in such as field often find success in public relations or as an account executive. Additionally, an Accounting degree will allow you to remain competitive in one of the most in-demand jobs out there today.

2. Weather Economic Storms

Equipped with a college degree, you are more likely to weather an economic recession. In fact, according to National Director of Career Development Tamryn Hennessy, current unemployment for those with only high school degree is 9.7 percent, some college or Associate's degree is 7.5 percent and Bachelor's degree or higher is 4.5 percent.

3. Starting Fresh

Some adult students choose to go back to school to pursue a completely different field than they have formerly worked in. Obtaining a degree from an accredited higher education institution can provide the perfect educational backbone to succeed in a totally new industry.

4. Feel Empowered

Obtaining a college degree supplies a lifetime of intangible benefits as well. The accomplishment of obtaining a degree is extremely important to one's self worth. Going back to school will afford you self pride, in addition to marketable skills for the ever-changing and fast-paced workforce. 

Whatever field you choose, know that it really is never too late to start fresh. Whether you have the off time to study because of the sluggish economy or you're just generally unhappy in the career path you've been in for so long, you should know that you have the tools to make your future something you'll be proud of.

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