Job Search Tips from a Career Development Director

The Rasmussen College National Director of Career Development Tamryn Hennessy discusses a dip in the unemployment rate and ways you can make yourself more job ready in this news segment from Fox WFLD, originally aired on 4/4/11.

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Anna Davlantes: It seemed like for so long we were hearing bad news about the jobs report. Well, last week the government reported a slight drop in the unemployment rate.

Kori Chambers: Yeah, it's nice to see. A lot of people are still having a hard time getting a job, though.

Anna Davlantes: Yeah.

Kori Chambers: Tamryn Hennessy is the Career Development Director there, of Rasmussen College, and she's here now to talk about how to improve your job search if you're looking now.

Tamryn Hennessey: Absolutely.

Kori Chambers: Okay.

Tamryn Hennessey: Yeah, it was good news day.

Anna Davlantes: Yeah, it was.

Kori Chambers: It was a great news day, but, again, you know, great news doesn't translate to a job to somebody who's, you know, is sitting home.

Tamryn Hennessey: Absolutely, absolutely. It was a good news day, 230,000 jobs added around the country. A drop in the unemployment rate to 8.8%. We're hoping for the same news in Chicago. In a week or so, we'll get our exact numbers. But it's really how do you translate this information from a number to a strategic job search? Which is what I work with our advisors on how do we find those jobs.

Anna Davlantes: And where is the job growth. We were talking even during the break. A lot of people might feel underemployed. They might feel like they're in a job that they just kind of had to take. Where is the growth? Where should they be looking right now?

Tamryn Hennessey: Absolutely, yeah, and as we were saying, now is not the time to quit your job.

Anna Davlantes: You don't want to give that advice.

Tamryn Hennessey: Exactly. But now is the time to strategize because prospects are looking up, and employers are hiring. Both large corporate and small businesses are hiring. So, it's what is the employer looking for that you need to focus on and get yourself job ready for that great opportunity.

Kori Chambers: Okay. So if someone's been out of work, though, for a year, two years, I mean, what's different now? What should they be doing that hasn't worked over the past two years that's going to suddenly work now?

Tamryn Hennessey: Absolutely. Well, the number one thing that's happened is employers are finally giving in and hiring. They have been very nervous about will this economy be a sustainable recovery. If it's not, they don't want to commit themselves to more employees. So, now that we know that they're looking for more employees, now is the time to take courage and prepare yourself with training and positioning yourself.

Anna Davlantes: What's the best advice you can give someone before we go here? If you have a family member even or someone you've talked to and said, hey, here's what you need to know.

Tamryn Hennessey: Education. Still the unemployment rate for those with just a high school degree is 9.5%. With a bachelor's degree it's 4.4%. What a difference. The biggest pickup since the first of the year has been those with an associate's degrees. That's encouragement. Get that further training to fulfill your dreams.

Kori Chambers: We're out of time, but thank you for being here. We'll see you tomorrow.

Anna Davlantes: Good to see you. Have a good day.

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