7 Reasons You Can't Ignore Our Guide to Ethics in Your Job Search


Each quarter Rasmussen College’s General Education Committee rolls out a new resource designed to help students navigate the various stages of their education.

The committee—which consists of directors and instructors from all regions in which Rasmussen has campuses—created an online resource titled “Ethics and Professional Responsibility.” It is designed to help students understand the importance of ethical behavior and how it impacts their personal and professional lives.

“We felt this quarter’s theme will help ensure students understand how critical of a concept ethics is, and that [knowledge of this concept can help them] while in their job search and when they enter their career,” said Brooks Doherty, Rasmussen College General Education dean. “We want students to know it’s a concept that can be taught and learned.”

Regardless of one’s program of study, ethics and professional responsibility have become increasingly important with the expansion of technology in a global environment. One needs to look no further than the use of LinkedIn or importance of creating an online portfolio; two examples of these concepts in action today.  

This resource creates opportunities for students to better understand their professional responsibility in the world and workplace. It also illustrates how the decisions they make impact their lives today and their futures tomorrow.

Here are seven reasons you NEED to use this resource:

1. You can understand ethics in layman’s terms

There are many different ways to look at ethics and it may be difficult to connect them to you and your career. The homepage of this website focuses on providing a clear understanding and definition of ethics in a way that should help you when considering your career and how ethics applies to you. There is also a quick survey for you to help gage your current understanding of ethics.

2. You’ll enjoy the many videos that saturate this website

The General Education Committee thought of all this with you in mind, and chose the most suitable videos to feature on the site. You can watch a short video from Vimeo on the “Introduction to Philosophical Ethics” or listen to a story from National Public Radio (NPR) titled, “The Ethicist”. Tamryn Hennessy, national director of career development for Rasmussen College, also provides an introduction to the website in her keynote speech.

3. You can test yourself and watch your level of knowledge increase on many different topics

There are several exercises for you to test your knowledge on ethics. On the main webpage, a YouTube video titled, “Drowning Child” is featured with a few questions below to answer after you’ve watched the clip. In addition, under the “Activities” tab, you’ll notice several example dilemmas for students in specific programs, such as information technology or justice studies.

And if you’re a Grey’s Anatomy fanatic, there’s even a video clip from an episode relating to ethics.

4. You might not believe this, but your 'social footprint' can help or hurt you during your job search

This guide will help you learn the dos and don’ts of social media etiquette, as well as teach you what “netiquette” is and how you can use social media to help your career.

5. If you’re a fan of TEDTalks videos, then look no further—and if you have no idea what one is, we’ll explain

TEDTalks videos are extremely popular on the Web now for spreading ideas and offering remarkable “talks free to the world,” according to TEDTalks. The committee found two that are perfect for a discussion on ethics and professional responsibility; they feature Alexis Ohanian in a TEDTalks titled, “How to Make a Splash in Social Media”, and Jacob Cass in a TEDTalks titled, “Building a Personal Brand.”

6. Everything you would need to learn more about ethics and professional responsibility is provided for you

The committee included links to many additional articles and videos to provide you with an even greater understanding of the importance of ethics in your job search and on social media.

They provided four links so you can learn how using social media can help your career, including “Get a Job using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN”. The website also includes several links to learn more about netiquette, including Social Media Etiquette: 10 Commonly Overlooked Best Practices in Social Media.

7. This online resource was launched just in time for this quarter’s Rasmussen College Career Fair

The career fairs will be hosted between February 24-28, 2014 (dates and times vary by location). If you follow many of the unique pieces of advice in this resource, you should stand out from other attendees when you network with hiring managers, apply for employment opportunities as well as build your job resources and skills to prepare you for your career. Remember: It’s free to the community and you are invited to bring your family members and friends to this event.

Make sure to share this with fellow students and graduates looking for a career to help them get one step closer to the job of their dreams. And luckily for you, this online resource is a permanent source. How do you plan on using from this resource at the career fair? Tell us in the comments section.

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Jennifer is a Content Marketing Specialist at Collegis Education who researches and writes articles on behalf of Rasmussen College. She is passionate about learning and higher education and enjoys writing engaging content to help current and future students on their path to a rewarding education.

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