The Pinterest Party - How Do I Get Invited?

You may have heard the recent buzz around the virtual pin board called Pinterest. In February Pinterest surpassed 10 million registered users according to Inside Network’s AppData tracking service. And even though they have seen tremendous growth in users, it is still an invite-only social network.  But don’t worry; we are here to help you crash the party!

Let the Party Crashing Begin!

You could request an invite directly from Pinterest, but more than likely you will be put on a waiting list.  However, since no one enjoys sitting on a waiting list we need to be proactive about this. Let’s think back to our high school days. Remember how the word got out about the coolest party on Friday night?  You probably heard about it from a friend, so you told your best friend, they told their friends; and the word spread.  The same thing happens today only now we use social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to spread the word.

To gain access to Pinterest faster than the average bear, start by connecting with a current user and asking them to send you a coveted invite. Members can send out an unlimited amount of invites, so take advantage of your social connections.

Not sure if any of your friends are on Pinterest yet? Begin a grassroots campaign to find users.  Send out Facebook updates and tweets about an invite. Inevitably you’ll find a friend or friend of a friend that is using this addictive new social platform and get you to the party.  Make sure not to commit any party fouls by checking out this Pinterest 101 article.

Still having trouble connecting and getting to the party?  Comment on this post, and Rasmussen College will send you an invite!

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