Welcome to Raise Your Hand with Brooks Doherty

Rasmussen College Academic Dean Brooks Doherty hosts a bi-weekly vlog focused on tips for college students.


Hello, and welcome to Rasmussen College's Raise Your Hand video blog. My name is Brooks Doherty. I am the Academic Dean at Rasmussen College's Brooklyn Park campus in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. I have been with Rasmussen College close to five years now. I started out teaching classes like English Composition, Freshman Comp, Creative Writing, and the like, and for the last three years I have been an academic dean.

I want to take just a few minutes today to introduce you to our new Raise Your Hand video blog and the information that we will be covering in the coming weeks. The information will really fit into two buckets - one for current students, one for prospective students. We will be talking a lot about the hurdles, the challenges, and the support systems that you will run across as you either move toward finding the college of your dreams or move toward the degree and the job that you have been dreaming of, especially if you are already enrolled in college.

I think we all know that goal setting is a critical part of getting to where we want to be and becoming whom we want to be, but I also think that is only half the battle. The other half is really about hard work and knowing how to navigate your system. That's really where we are going to spend our energy. Hard work and simple tips, like go to class, do your work, do it well, hand it in on time, if you can do those things consistently throughout the two years, four years, or more depending on your program, I think we all do pretty well.

Specifically things that we will be talking about in the coming weeks: the job outlook, how are jobs looking in different areas of study and career areas; 101 type tips for incoming freshman students; how to communicate with your instructor to really maximize your learning opportunity; and especially for those of us who are on social media, how can we use social media - things like Twitter and Facebook - to become a better student, a better learner, and again, get us toward that degree and career that we've been dreaming of.

So I want to thank you for tuning into this first edition of the Raise You Hand video blog, and we look to talk more with you in the coming weeks. Take care.