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6 Signs You Should Be Working in Animation

There is no one-size-fits-all description of a perfect animator, but there are definitely some common characteristics that many animators share. We enlisted a few animation pros to help us identify some inherent qualities that may suggest you’re cut out for a career as an animator.

15 Awesome Animation Blogs You Need to Read

With so many blogs to choose from nowadays, how are you supposed to know which are worth following? We identified a handful of the most well-renowned blogs in the world of animation so you know what’s worth your time. This collection will provide you with the motivation you’ve been looking for to take your love of animation to the next level.

The Beginner's Guide to Becoming a Visual Effects Artist

Whether you’ve been interested in VFX for a while or are just getting introduced to the field, give this guide a quick glance so you know more about how to become a VFX artist and the path that lies ahead. If you’re a tech savvy, imaginative movie fanatic, then there’s a good chance reading this article is just the beginning.

Do You Have What it Takes for a Career in Animation?

In such a specialized and competitive field, it’s important to be sure you’ve got the chops to succeed before investing your time and energy into pursuing a career in animation. To help get you up to speed with the industry, we compiled some need-to-know animation information for you.

Where Do Animators Work? 5 Options You Never Knew Existed

You’re probably asking yourself, “Where do animators work?” The truth is, animators work in a wide variety of industries, and in roles that vary quite a bit from what you might expect to find in the studios of Disney or Pixar. We used real-time job analysis software from to identify the top industries hiring animators, which illustrates the variety of specialized opportunities available.

How to Create 3D Text & Animation in After Effects [Tutorial]

Check out the latest video in our Adobe Creative Cloud Series. In this After Effects tutorial, we'll walk you through the process of developing 3D text and creating animation. You'll be one step closer to mastering the technical skills necessary to launch an interactive design career.

14 Awesome Animation Blogs You Need to Read

Animators of all experience levels could use a little extra push once in a while. Whether you're considering a future as an animator, looking to hone your current skills or simply enjoy an amusing cartoon, animation blogs are a great source of education, inspiration and entertainment. We highlighted 14 that you can't ignore this year!

Unreal Engine IV: An Engine for the Designer

The game engine is the core of the entire gaming experience that allows for all the graphics and actions to be rendered. Designers are behind the use of game engines, but several variables still exist that require manipulation by programmers. Unreal Engine IV puts design back in the hands of designers by increasing simplicity and efficiency between going back and fourth amongst developing and testing.

What to Expect When Earning Your Animation Degree

Earning your animation degree can be an exciting process with many rewarding career options. With a degree in animation, you can choose multiple paths including advertising, design, and animation. Let's explore the many facets of earning your animation degree and what to expect during your program.